I absolutely hate that he doesn’t get the chance to defend his title due to injury so automatically loses it to his opponent.

Reminds me of WWE.


he hasn’t lost it though?


I saw this dumb interview and missed the part where he said: “In my world (wrestling) it is a forfeit”.

After the whole McGregor / Khabib ending I’m totally disillusioned with the sport and wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC had given Gastelum the belt just you know… Because.


GSP has retired. Gutted. Really wanted to see GSP vs Khabib. Wonder if anything happened behind the scenes that forced his hand? Thx for the memories, GSP.


One of the best pound for pound fighters to ever grace the octagon.

I’ll miss seeing him in the cage.



GSP = GOAT (I wasn’t much of a Silva fan, but he would have claims as well).


Always wondered how ones best fighters would go against ufc.


I was a massive Fedor fan early doors. He destroyed dudes for a long period of time, but he could never come to satisfactory terms with the UFC, so that question mark will always remain.


Fedor is the GOAT for mine. His striking ability, takedown and submission skills were insane and he is one of if not the toughest fighters of all time. Just the complete package. He could just eat punches as if they were nothing. Wish he never went to strikeforce, he was past it and lost a number of matches he never would have lost in his prime.

Would have been great to see him in UFC though.


He was such a dynamic fighter. His fight with Cro Cop was one of the all-time great fights.


Yes that was epic. Cro cop was a beast.


236 looks pretty stacked.

and always a pleasure to watch holloway now.


tomorrow is so ■■■■■■■ stacked.


Jon Bones AND STILL.


that card turned out ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

prelims were better.