Uncle Andy and some dodgy dealings


And yet another reason to avoid that site like the plague.

Any site that DEMANDS you allow them, can FRO imo.


Not only is about what we’ve been speaking about it is also about having connections so that you KNOW who will be on the bench and how they feel about this and that and what their sentencing history is like. I guess the guiding principal is - the more you pay the more you get access to and the better chance you have.

It is what it is sadly.


I’m all for it.


Cardinal Biggles under scrutiny for paedophilia too.


Is that what Pell named his cat?


You need a full memory of the Spanish Inquisition sketch.

Even though you didn’t expect it…
Because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


Although our judicial system is not the same, I fully expect that they will give Vlad the comfy pillow.


A lot of the GFC wasn’t white collar crime but complete screw ups.


It continues


he’s teflon mixed in with vagueness and knowing what to do


From one dodgy business to another - like attracts like I guess!


Slimier than the last piece of greasy saganaki in a Plaka bain marie at 3am


I would still probably eat it. But who the ■■■■ keeps Saganaki in a bain-marie?


Obviously Chris 64, BWTH is a Saganaki ?


Saganaki is an anagram of Nagasaki. It’s the bomb.


I think you’ll find why @Chris64 referred to him as Saganaki is that Saganaki is an oily, slimy, fried piece of Greek cheese.

Somewhat smelly full of fat and highly unhealthy.

Somes up that fat Greek c*nt perfectly.


Except he’s a Cypriot, … as has been pointed out on many occasions.


Greek Cypriot though.


@Hawcazzo was right though in correctly pointing out that he is a fat ****. I don’t think that can be stressed enough.


Actually, it doesn’t need stressing. It’s self-evident.