US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition

Just keep telling yourself he’s a good Christian man.

You know I despise him right? Or are you too stupid to actually discuss things. I mean my posts make it very clear that I want them to defeat the clown, but you keep going with stupid like you always do.

For anyone curious

AOC is not the first person to use that term lately.



I do. I agree with some of what you have to say, disagree with your take on other matters - but its clear you think the guy is a clown. you may be right as well with regard to how the GOP will play this but i am sick of thinking of how that plays out.

I’ve moved massively to the left in the last few years. We are fighting Christian Nationalism and potential authoritarianism. i can’t waste time focusing on tiny issues with how fvckwits will react to AOC.

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I know you say that.

I simply can’t believe anyone would pick fault with any other US politician’s language, unless they were pushing that barrow.

I mean, they’re physically putting children in cages.

You can put your fedora on and “well, actually” about the terminology all you want.

It’s a ■■■■ of a thing to do.

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Calculated tactic to use AOC to distract and inflame their base.

99.99999% of Trump rhetoric is distraction. And no difference here.

Whether you call them interment camps, prison camps, or concentration camps, you’re locking up innocent civilians for no good reason (other than cruelty).


You need to take a chill pill on this IT.

AOC is passionate and confronting, but very honest. I cannot see an issue with her choice of words.

Reality is the many of these Trump Republicans see no issue with concentration camps for Mexican kids.


I’d have thought many of Trump’s base would actually take being compared to the Nazi’s as a compliment. From what I hear there are good people on both sides.

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Case in point:


Trump held his 2020 campaign kick off rally in Orlando, Florida yesterday. The media was all over it. Talking to supporters, asking probing questions like “why do you support him?”, and carrying Trump’s speech live.

I can’t help but think that Trump’s formula for winning key states despite losing the popular vote is going to work again. If he holds Florida and Texas he can afford to lose one or Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin and still get re-elected.

The penny dropped for me when they interviewed 3 separate people (2 women and 1 man) of different ages ranging from 28 to 81. They all parroted the Fox News language of:

  • he has delivered on all his promises
  • he has been the victim of a “witch hunt” that resulted in a “nothing-burger”
  • he is being handcuffed by the “angry democrats” in Congress

Congrats, America. We have become a caricature of ourselves.

Get ready for the popular vote to swing even more the way of the Democrats and for Trump to get re-elected.


Fox News is the poison here.
It has done to American brain what we were always told computer games would do - turn them to mush.

Justin Amash’s town halls hightlight this same point. Interviews with people who 100% believed that the Muller report totally cleared Trump. They were stunned when Amash outlined what was in it. Some said they’d go and look further. All said they only listened / watched conservative news.

Way back in this thread i spoke of sharing a room on a dive trip with an older retired Vet from California. A week in a cabin and lots of tequila and politics. He was a Fox and Rush Limbaugh man. He had no idea about Trump’s history.

The major issue is not that 42% love the Trump and GOP that we know…its they love the Trump they know.

Like any cult though, its hard to get through. Whether it is Jim Jones, ISIS or MAGA, many people double down on their beliefs when confronted with facts that counter them. So much of their identity is invested in these beliefs.

There was a small chance of a change at Fox…but Lachlan won the top job over James Murdoch so it will all get cranked to 11. He is more of a conservative bigot that Rupert.


Agreed. I mean, when they’re saying Trump delivered on all his promises, and that Dems’s have handcuffed him … well, not only is that a contradiction itself, but ignores that Republicans held both houses for two years.

I’ve said before, it may have been great for the US public, but those handful of votes that scuppered the Republican health care reform saved Trump & the Republicans. It would have been something felt by his followers negatively. Too much else doesn’t have a day to day impact on any of them for them to realise the impacts (or they’re not told about them by the press they consume).

Given the history, if any Democrat is putting any hope in Florida for election success they are gonna be sorely disappointed.

The rust belt is where they need to concentrate their efforts.

They also need to be praying that no more Supreme Court Justices die or step down between now and next time a Dem is in the Whitehouse. Going by McConnell’s comments Dems are gonna need to control both houses in order to get any future nominee on the bench regardless of when the next election is taking place.

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You know the US is in a bad place when the President has credible rape allegations leveled at him and it barely rates a mention.


Well it was already at 21 women alleging rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment, and accompanied by a subsequently released taped admission of behaviour corresponding to the assault complaints. Moving to 22 doesn’t seem likely to move the needle.

In part I think this is the legacy of the hoops Bill Clinton had Democrats jump through for him over the years.

I can’t say I’m an expert on Bill Clinton’s shenanigans, but my understanding was that the main issue with Lewinsky is the perceived power differential, and therefore whether it was sexual harassment. Has anyone claimed that Bill raped or sexually assaulted anyone?

Juanita Broaddrick accused Clinton of raping her in 1978; Leslie Millwee[1] accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1980; Paula Jones accused Clinton of exposing himself to her in 1991 as well as sexually harassing her; and Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of groping her without her consent in 1993.

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