US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


There’s a very good podcast episode covering the science of abortion. I really think you’d find it interesting, would appreciate if you listen to it.

The show is Science VS. series 5 ep 9. Election Special: Abortion


Maybe it’s time for the rest of the world to start putting pressure back on the US indirectly. Every country in the world should start making it harder for US citizens to travel. Let’s make it harder for them to get visas. Lets limit the time they can remain in country to a maximum of 14 days before needing to renew their visas. And tie it all in to the US abrogating its responsibilities to the rest of the world as a ‘leader’ of democratic values. Simply say that due to the US governments stated desire to place America first and it’s continued efforts to enforce its values on the rest the world, that we view their motives as harmful to the rest of the world and therefore wish to restrict their influence.


Is there a country that does not place its own interests first? Of course there isn’t. What we hope is that all countries can find that magical balance of protecting their own interests whilst not damaging the interests of others (too much).


Put aside your views conception = human, the simple facts are this.

1.3% of abortions happen after 20 weeks. Almost always because of risk of death to the Mother

Nobody wants to have an abortion. Nobody uses it as a contraceptive method, nobody does it lightly. It’s a serious decision to make made all the harder because people impose their stone age beliefs upon others.


Of course every country places their own interests first, but none bar China, Russia and the US try so hard to enforce their views on the rest of the world. Sorry, I don’t like how that document is worded, it might upset some right wing crazies at home so, even though it is needed , we will veto it if you don’t agree to modify it to satisfy that small number of people who support my Presidency even though the rest of the world think they are idiots.


Well then, let’s make it enforceable for that zygote to survive on it’s own since it is a separate living entity. After all, if your view is correct, it is just a parasite.


Well out-semanticked.


No, … the zygote is a zygote.



Amazing that the guy is out on a $50k bail.


And the zygote is not an embryo


She just… tweeted it out…


That’s quite the piece.


She went on with it too. How is this not happening more? Too many cowards


I don’t understand how the USA was ever the shining light of democracy.


Pfft, fake news.

Elizabeth Warren is a communist. And probably a drug-dealer too.


According to the Republicans, so is the pope.


And they would be right.


Another day, another State trying to overturn women’s reproductive rights. I’m pretty sure i posted something about this happening if Trump got in.


I still can’t get over ‘post birth abortion’.

Some Americans have a unique stupidness not found elsewhere.


A more than serious health risk of backstreet abortions for those who cannot afford to travel interstate.