US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


Plenty of people I’d recommend post-birth abortion for…even post-adulthood abortion…those 25 senators for starters…Trump and his cronies.


Ah the good old days



We are seriously heading to the middle ages here. There was an unbelievable exchange in which a Republican from Alabama was contesting that cases of incest could still get abortion as long as “they did it before they know they are pregnant”.

As my wife says every time Republicans do something like this “WHAT THE ACTUAL ■■■■”!*

*She has had to say that a lot the last 3 years.


This is horrifying. They’re targeting women’s rights.

These laws will not stop abortions, it’ll just stop safe abortions. Women will die from this.

This was tweeted before and it’s actually quite scary. They’re targeting sex ed in schools (limiting them), they’re making it difficult to access contraceptives, some of these States are making abortions and miscarriages a felony. And if women are found to have committed a felony? They cannot vote.

Oh and maternity leave isn’t compulsory for companies in some States, right?

The Alabama bill doesn’t permit an abortion if the woman is raped, is that correct?


Correct. Only if the women’s health is at serious risk.

It’s the beginning of the handmaids tale.


Right on cue a number of States (I will let you guess which part of the US most of them are from) are considering copycat bills.

As a male my outrage is obviously coming from a position of privilege even though 51% of the human population is female.


We need you guys. It’s horrifying.


It may sound trite but I am so sorry. It took me to get to my 30s, marry a feminist (i.e. a woman who believes in equal rights), and have a daughter to realize what a ■■■■ environment we have created for women. Ugh! Hopefully the younger male generation get there sooner as they well should.



68,000 women (likely a conservative estimate, due to poor reporting) die each year because of these factors. At least 68,000 completely avoidable deaths.


Rapists will serve less time than the doctor who performs an abortion.


I’ve been stewing on this all day. As an atheist, the idea of this legislation being forced upon people is to me the equivalent of sharia law being forced on a population. It’s a law based off a religious belief system that results in excessively severe penalties. The women who get jailed for this “crime” won’t be getting an abortion on a lighthearted whim, for them it will be about saving their own life and livelihood. A long jail sentence for an abortion effectively destroys that woman’s life. Being forced to carry a child to term so very often traps that woman in poverty or an abusive relationship. The children brought into the world in these situations have far far fewer chances of success in life.

Women know when their life is suited to give a child a good life. They are the best positioned to know when a child shouldn’t be created.

Women will die from this. Women will be forced into poverty from this. Women will be abused because of this. Children will be brought into situations that even their parents would not wish on them.



You do realise that is worldwide not in the US alone? The article really points out developing nations as the main cause, not the US system. Not that i am defending the US system, just pointing out that the stats are worldwide.


We’d be a much better species if we could drop the notion that we’re each a little miracle. Smartest monkey thinks it’s spesh.


Yes I was aware, I was just enforcing the magnitude of the problem. Wanderlust is completely right, these laws will kill women.

I stand by the assertion they are completely avoidable deaths, and that punitive and discriminatory laws (like the ones in the USA) are a leading factor for them.


That’s not the problem. The problem is the dumbest monkey thinks it’s spesh.


Speak for yourself. Oh…you are!


He’s just apeing something he heard on teevee


There is too much competition for the title of the dumbest monkey.


Trump tweets aggressively negative language about China and tariffs = stock market tanks

2-days later Trump tweets encouraging language about China and tariffs = stock market rallies

Someone in those 2 days made a bunch of money. The con is being played out right before our eyes.