US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


30% of Republicans think the 2020 election should be delayed and Trump should get an additional 2 years. This, following Trump’s claim that the Mueller probe cost him 2 years of his Presidency. There is nothing that a third of Americans won’t believe.



You guys are making me furious!


This is the next step, they are trying to get Roe vs Wade overturned.

It commenced with the Republican Senate stalling and stalling and blocking and stalling Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court…essentially allowing Trump to make two nominations as soon as he came to power and tipping the balance of the court towards the conservatives.

Had to laugh at the Alabama Governor’s response to a question regarding exceptions to rape and incest victims “every life is sacred” …she has just overseen the execution of the 7th Alabama prisoner since she came to power.

Guess not quite every life is sacred


It’ll be a nervous wait for the supreme Court to rule on this.

Here’s hoping the state republicans have gone a little too far for a few of the Republican Judges.

This will ensure a huge turnout for both female voters and for evangelicals at the next election.


Justin Amash, a House Republican member of the *Freedom Caucus, has said that Trump engaged in impeachable offences and castigated the AG Barr for being intentionally misleading.

*corrected from Tea Party


Amash has always been critical of Trump but this is a pretty big deal specially as he is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. Can’t wait for the ensuing tweet storm from the President.


Freedom Caucus… sorry that’s what I meant, yes.


I find the journey of various Republicans or conservatives through the Muck of Trump far more fascinating and illuminating than the comparatively easy navigations of Democrats.

Justin Amash vs Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz for example.

Amash vs Cruz is probably the good one, given their political brand and ideological identity pre-Trump.


And yes they are going after him, because regardless of your record as a Republican or on conservative issues the only thing that now counts is whether you paused in the required offerings of endless praise for the whinging Victim in Chief.


It is officially the Trumplican Party.


This is not, repeat NOT, Photoshopped. This guy



He really reminds me of someone. :thinking: I just can’t quite …



More like:

Ha! While searching for that image, I found others already had the same idea:


House Dems are onto it here, going hard after Deutsche Bank records involving Trump and likely money laundering from Russian Oligarchs,… and the Courts seem to be on board, already pushing through 2 levels of the system within days.

If they get them, it really could bring the fker down,… and maybe in jail.

We live in hope.

Donald Trump, Jared Kushner activity flagged by Deutsche Bank anti-money laundering staff

William Cummings22:15, May 21 2019FacebookTwitterWhats AppRedditEmail

6-8 minutes

US President Donald Trump once again went after The New York Times , this time to deny and deride its report that anti-money laundering specialists with Deutsche Bank flagged transactions involving himself and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Software designed to identify illegal activity alerted the staff about the transactions, involving the now-shuttered Trump Foundation and business entities owned by Trump and Kushner, the Times reported on Sunday, citing five current and former Deutsche Bank employees.

After reviewing the transactions, bank staff prepared to file suspicious activity reports to send to the Treasury Department.

But the bank had issued loans worth billions of dollars to Trump and Kushner and bank executives directed the staff not to file the reports, according to the Times .

On Monday, the president railed against “The Failing New York Times” - which he claimed will “pass away when I leave office in 6 years” - and the “Fake News Media”.

But Trump did not address the reported suspicious activity, focusing instead on the article’s assertion - which has been widely reported previously - that he borrowed from Deutsche Bank when other lenders were unwilling to give him money.

“WRONG! It is because I didn’t need money,” Trump said. “Very old fashioned, but true.”

“When you don’t need or want money, you don’t need or want banks. Banks have always been available to me, they want to make money.” Trump said Deutsche Bank was “very good and highly professional to deal with” but “if for any reason I didn’t like them, I would have gone elsewhere.”

“There was always plenty of money around and banks to choose from.”

He said the reports that he was rejected by other lenders were meant “to disparage” him and said reporters use unnamed sources “because their sources don’t even exist.” All but one of Deutsche Bank employees in the Times story were anonymous.

Despite his claims that he did not “need or want money”, the president still owes the bank US$300 million (NZ$461 million), according to The Associated Press . And in 2016, the bank lent US$285m to Kushner Companies affiliates.

The bank lent Trump money after several bankruptcies and defaults in the 1990s.

Tammy McFadden, a former Deutsche Bank anti-money laundering specialist, told the Times that in 2016 she had reviewed transactions between Kushner and Russian individuals. She thought the activity should be reported to the federal government, in part because the bank had already been hit with fines for failing to report Russian money laundering.

Other employees told the Times that the bank’s Special Investigations Unit, charged with looking into potential financial crimes, “produced multiple suspicious activity reports involving different entities that Mr Trump owned or controlled.” At least one involved the Trump Foundation.

But the bank chose not to file the reports with the Treasury Department.

“You present them with everything, and you give them a recommendation, and nothing happens,” McFadden told the Times . “It’s the DB way. They are prone to discounting everything.”

Deutsche Bank fired McFadden in April 2018 after being transferred for a lack of productivity. But she told the Times that the bank has “attempted to silence” her for asking too many questions about why Trump and other high-profile clients were not being more thoroughly vetted. Two unnamed former managers told the Times that they agreed that she was fired for speaking out.

Deutsche Bank spokeswoman Kerrie McHugh told the Times that "at no time was an investigator prevented from escalating activity identified as potentially suspicious.

“Furthermore, the suggestion that anyone was reassigned or fired in an effort to quash concerns relating to any client is categorically false,” McHugh said.

Trump Organization spokeswoman Amanda Miller told the Times that they were unaware of any “flagged’ transactions” with the bank.

“Any allegations regarding Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Kushner Companies which involved money laundering is completely made up and totally false. The New York Times continues to create dots that just don’t connect,” Karen Zabarsky, a spokeswoman for Kushner Companies, told the Times .

Although the report did not specify that the transactions connected to Trump involved Russians, but Trump indicated he believed that was the implication.

“Now the new big story is that Trump made a lot of money and buys everything for cash, he doesn’t need banks,” Trump tweeted. “But where did he get all of that cash? Could it be Russia? No, I built a great business and don’t need banks, but if I did they would be there.”

Trump and three of his children - Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump - have sued Deutsche Bank in an effort to block it from complying with a congressional subpoena for the family’s financial records.

Deutsche Bank has been hit with several fines by regulators in the US and Europe in recent years.

In 2015, the bank was fined US$258m for violating sanctions on Iran and other blacklisted nations. In 2017, it finalised a deal to pay US$7.2 billion for misleading investors about mortgage securities and the same year it was hit with US$630m in fines in connection with a Russian money laundering scheme.

- USA Today


We are back where we started


The Japanese have played him like a Stradivarius.

Treat him like king with pomp and ceremony.

Get him to the sumo where they are basically fighting for the Trump Cup.

Meet the new emperor.

Take him to golf and let him cheat and let him win.

He’s already decided to delay any serious trade talk with Japan for months!! Simple strategy but worked.


They know a thing or two about landing a big whale.


Quelle surprise




It was a $1t transfer of wealth from the state to the rich. Staggeringly brazen.