US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


And the idiots most effected and dudded by it voted for it, … as they did Brexit, as they did ScuMo.

Just another Murfuched nation.


Bob Mueller spoke for about 10min this morning in a formal statement. My main takeaway:

MUELLER : “If we had confidence POTUS clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”


Also said if he had found a crime committed he still would not have charged him due to the law of a sitting POTUS not being allowed to be charged

I am sure the Dems are screaming impeachment now (louder than normal anyway).

I don’t think impeachment is the way to go at this point. Just beat the guy at the next election, it really shouldn’t be that hard.


The popular thought (which, to be honest, I have often agreed with) is that pushing impeachment will only give ammunition to Trump and motivate his base to turn out in the 2020 elections. Hence, actually hurting the Democrats. This is what Nancy Pelosi (who will have to sign off on any attempts by the House to impeach) keeps citing as the reason for her reluctance to even begin an impeachment inquiry (a precursor to actual impeachment).

The flip side (as show by the Clinton impeachment) is that it can also motivate the party doing the impeachment (Republicans ‘won’ the 2000 election after Clinton’s impeachment).

The wildcard in all this is if an increasing number of Republicans (like Justin Amash) also start supporting impeachment. I am not holding my breath.


Well I am shocked the report doesn’t clear Trump.

No wait, that was blatantly obvious the second the report first dropped.

Some of the media’s talking heads should be ashamed they pushed the presidents and AG propaganda.


But it will be ‘that’ hard. The economy is doing well, ‘Merica is back to its belligerent best in international affairs. They’ve got the Chinese under the pump and are ready to start and win a fight with Iran at any moment. He’ll increase his electoral college votes next time.

And what are the Dems offering? Some hand wringing but not much else. I can’t say I’ve seen the left here, there or in the UK at a lower ebb than right now.



The Clinton example is a bit ridiculous. He didn’t run in 2000, Gore did. Gore did actually win the popular vote, and possibly if not for hanging chads the presidency. To extrapolate whether or not impeachment increased Republican turnout seems a long stretch, as does the assumption that Republicans (who love a good lynching) reacted the same way Democrats would.

I think Democrats need to hammer home the investigations, that Mueller found him guilty, but not start actual impeachment that requires a Republican senate to turn on Trump.

I wonder if @FromOutside50 still rate’s Mueller’s report, now that its clear Mueller did find Trump obstructed justice? I’ve not been through it in detail, so I don’t know what (if anything) Mueller’s report said on the hacking front.


Gore won it, period.

Rich powers were desperate, and went out of all prior realms of bastardry and crookedness to steal it.

When I saw it all go down, … I immediately thought, “Something is fkn up here”, … 12 months later, Twin Towers, and war in Iraq for oil.

And they actually then outdid by a shitload the previous lies and crookedness record they’d just set to make that happen… with us and the Brits backing their known lies and supporting it.

That’s when I gave up all hope of politics being real, fair or in anyway trustable in the West.


Mueller has gone bang! Impeachment ? Maybe
But we probably have to wait until 2020 for the US people to get rid of Trump. ( hopefully)


Yep, and you may have noticed the maggots have got much worse since then as well! Co-incidence…? Hmmm.


That’s actually kind of funny, petty, but funny


Hmmm, … I hadn’t thought of that. :thinking:

do do do do

do do do do

do do do do …



Ha. That’s quite clever. Crooked and corrupt, but clever.


The comments from his daughter at the end are interesting. She sounds like an actual thinking human being. Rare as, um, about 1 million other species right now.


I was reading a NY Times article, which was discussing how many African-Americans and Progressives are pushing for impeachment. They had comments from many individuals. The overwhelming sentiment I got was that they want Trump gone, and so believe Dems should impeach.

It makes me wonder, do people in the US really know so little about the political system that they think the House can impeach without the Senate? That initiating impeachment with a Republican majority in the Senate is simply window dressing and a political move, rather than one that can actually get rid of him?


Half of them don’t or won’t even vote. What are the odds that only about half the ones who actually vote even understand their political system?

And how can they allow such blatant party influence in defining the electoral boundaries and then keep a straight face about it?


Good Con men can always keep a straight face.


The gradual slide towards rigging the structure so one side or the other consolidates power and effectively makes it harder for the other side to win in a fair and level contest is the very opposite of actual democracy. That’s the beginning of a dictatorship (Hello, Turkey!). The absolute belief that your side is the only right side, and should therefore always be in power is a total corruption of the idea of checks and balances, debate and compromise.

But (shrug), Murica. Land of the free, home of the brave, greatest democracy on Earth, etc.