Vale Chris Cornell


Yep. This is some farking bulllshit.




You met him?


Apparent suicide. Hung himself in his hotel room a few hours after a Soundgarden show.

■■■■ it all.


I wondered if.

And assuming he did, (maybe a sexual thing gone wrong similar to Hutchence?), I still wonder why, so many of these guys do it.

You'd think fame, adoration, and plenty of money for doing something you love would be enough to be happy, but I think maybe there is underlying depressive issues with many, that actually fuels the artistic bent that takes them to that position in the first place, & that are never dealt with beyond the self medicating that ensues.

Just head shakingly sad.


In 2012 I seen Soundgarden headline a gig at Hyde Park in London. Was an amazing show, even as it belted down with rain. Great band. Fantastic songwriter.


Lost another to the black dog.

Farking gutted..


Listen to/read some Gabor Mate. Enthralling and talks all about this.


It's a bit simplistic to assume that someone has no difficulties in their life just because they have fame and fortune.


What's simplistic is to take that from my comment.


Sorry, was meant to be an addition to your comment, not a criticism


Have some friends and family in the arts as you could say (singers and us tv, pretty well known but not chris cornell style). Its funny they are wired totally different. Very conscious of others, their emotions and feelings etc... its amazing what they react to and how they react and see things differently than i would.

Sad loss, sad for anyone going through trouble times that has to resort to that ending.


This is true, especially song writing singers, if they have to go to dark places to come up with lyrics, every time they perform those songs it takes them back there. This is extremely sad


Yes and no. For me, the darkest words I wrote were a way of extracting crap from my life and putting it elsewhere. To the point where when I sang them it no longer meant anything.

But yes, not uncommon to see a lot of emotion from some singer songwriters like they're still dealing with it.


This doesn't surprise a lot of people but I've never heard of him till now. Heard of Soundgarden.

Music for me came to a halt in the eighties.




My dear brother met this exact same end, xmas day 94. As a lot of people do, I tried to make sense of it all by listening to a lot of music.
One track I kept coming back to over and over again was Soundgardens "the day I tried to live".

Listening again now, I feel so saddened. My take on those lyrics then, now seem even more poinient.



Man, that's such a sad story.

Sorry to hear it mate.




Someone tried to tell me something
Don't let the world get you down
Nothing will do me in before I do myself
So save it for your own and the ones you can help...