VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


Absolutely agree


Why do the VFL commentators hate us? Thought they were so biased…like they were feeling so sorry for the Tigers.

Is that normal?


Not many players like to mark giant spiral torps that arrive like they have just re entered Earth’s atmosphere.


Yep credit where it’s due, he’s a decent commentator.


Yesterdays replay is still not up but todays Box Hill vs Geelong game is up…




My old man lives in Tassie, I spend a lot of time here, they don’t televise it despite having 3 channels to play with, and now not making the replay available. If anyone can explain either of these ■■■■■■■ sleights I’d at least be enlightened


Clashes with the sheep trials?


No, it’s just you.


Wrong gorgeous island with fresh air, stunning produce and booming economy Wim, but it certainly seems to clash with repeats of lifestyle shows. As for the replay it’s hard enough explaining how apps work without him telling me the only game available is the poos and wees one.


I wonder why! And if it was Norf. Would it be the same.

The game against Casey will be a tough one with our team decimated.
Although we did give a good showing at Craigieburn earlier.


Just out of interest how are we decimated? Lav a chance, but not having seen the Richmond game yet who else is out? Watched the last quarter against Casey last time and we kicked 1.5 in the last to lose by 8 points and the Dees would be taking some emergencies into the AFL match this time surely. They also didn’t look so flash against Williamstown recently. Heaps to play for you’d think and two big upsets on the run in.


Is that on FTA only in Victoria??? Can’t find it on anywhere in NSW.


Yeah, my glass is half full too.

And I said tough not unwinnable!

But losing Mynott (ankle), Harrison (shoulder) Boyse ( shoulder, hammy) Lazzaro (unavail)
and having Hocking, Green and Lav all suss I’d say decimated covers it and more!

And I agree with all you say and add that Geelong was no real opposition and not a good guide.

All in all. Big win coming up.


Casey Team that pulverised Geelong 129-38



I know 5 of those players.

I know all of our VFL players now.

With that reasoning we should flog them.


Certain that Lazzaro will play VAFA GF instead of VFL prelim? I would’ve thought he’d be playing for Essendon


Not certain! Repeating hearsay.


DJR and other VFL watchers: any genuine chances in the Liston tonight?


Please tell me the forecast is wrong for Melbourne on Saturday, and I am not leaving my beautiful warm home to watch footy in 13 degrees with rain.