VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


The forecast is wrong for Melbourne on Saturday. BOM will update the forecast once they have some more accurate info. This should be on their website by 9am on the 15th September.


Last night, I booked a flight to Cairns impulsively to do scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef for 3 days (I’ll be staying on a liveaboard boat) this weekend. It’ll be mostly sunny and warm, about 28c.

I regret it already.


Early forecast includes some strong winds. I consider that a bonus.

We clearly bettered Casey for three quarters in challenging conditions at Craigieburn earlier this year. Only a crappy slow start and some painful misses late stopped us winning.


Only 25K…fill the ■■■■■■ joint!


Don’t remind me about Craigeburn
What a nasty, cold, wet prick of a day that was.


Tickets on sale. I think 80% of the crowd being Bombers is the minimum required.


Technically, we only have to lose 2.3 players to be decimated.


That’s because their fans have AFL teams that played finals


Looks wet. Not diabolical but wet all the same.


_Is our game being next weekend being televised or is it on the radio please?


It will be televised on 7,… no doubt.


Is that only in Victoria? Last week I couldn’t get it in NSW. Is it on the radio?


Go Houlahan. Besides Mynott, Crow says the rest of the VFL side is looking good for selection.

Essendon is expecting exciting young forward Jordan Houlahan to be available for selection ahead of the club’s VFL preliminary final on Saturday.

Houlahan missed the Bombers’ elimination final and semi-final victories due to a minor hamstring injury, but Essendon Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow says Houlahan has “progressed well”.

"Jordan will have main training this week – he’s run flat-out already over the weekend,” Crow said on the SKINS Injury Update on Tuesday.

“We’re expecting him to be available to play.”

Fellow first-year Bomber Trent Mynott sustained a blow to his foot in the side’s semi-final defeat of Richmond last week and Crow said a previous injury has complicated diagnosis.

“Trent had a stomp on his foot. That’s actually been really sore since the game, he’s still walking around in a boot,” he said.

“Our initial scans are inconclusive, because there’s an old fracture there from when he was younger.

“He’s going to see a specialist today and possibly get further investigation to find out about that.”

But while Mynott continues to use a moon boot, Crow said the club has not ruled the 18-year-old out of the selection mix for this week.

“Assuming that the fracture site is okay, then it will really come down to whether or not he’s pain-free and able to run and play by the end of the week.

“So we’ll be looking to assess him and learn more as the week goes on.”

Besides Mynott, Crow said the Bombers got through their narrow victory in good health and are prepared for their next challenge against Casey Demons.

“Generally, we’ve come out of the game pretty well. The guys have got in some good touch earlier this week with main training and then obviously the big game on the weekend.”

The first bounce in the preliminary final is set for 2.10pm at Stannards Stadium on Saturday.


You can get it via the App in that case, … putting in 3000 as your postcode as I u/stand it.


Yes,its going to be 11


Got my ticket. Admittedly haven’t been to a VFL game in many years. Should be great. Hoping the Melbourne members are just concentrating on the seniors.


No mention of LAV. Anyone know if he’s a chance?


Boyse !!! I wouldn’t say he would be looking good for selection.


They dont support there team outside of the MCC.


Wet Contested footy.

Bring in the big boys. Hocking and Clarke on the ball all day.