VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


Popped a shoulder and a testicle. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be out there.


One of those injuries is worse than the other.


Is that what you’re hearing?


Grade 3 shoulder tear & tore abductor off the bone.
He really got smashed in that tackle


Boyse was really good in 2017. This has been a rotten year for him.

HeppA was looking very good at the end of 2016, lost half of 2017 with knee surgery just before the season started. Now he is playing career best footy as an inside mid, who started in the VFL as a defender. Mind you, Draper has this habit of tapping it into his hands at stoppages !

This week I think Draper will be up against Pederson who has played 80 games in the AFL, but gives away about 7cm against Draper. We really rely on Draper to get first use. This will be a very important contest.


From LAV’s re-signing article:

“Right now, I can’t wait to continue with VFL finals and then plan to hit the ground running in the pre-season and advance my game as much as possible.”


Yeah the testicle was a joke but he had the horror of not knowing whether to hold his shoulder or his groin, really horrible incident where he basically got crushed sideways into the ground. Poor bugger


Houlahan and Laverde possible ins this week.

Outs: - Boyse, did we have another injury?


he looked so sore walking/limping round the ground then acrross it, made it a long first quarter. pulled Groin and shoulder dislocation in same contest.


Two shoulder injuries I thought

And Mynott foot


Smashed in his tackle so hard his shoulder popped out. His testes must look like flapjacks.


Boyse didn’t dislocate a shoulder Joe Harrison did, Boyse was an AC joint injury and groin.


What’s with Mynott’s foot?


Interesting that the teams still remaining in this comp finished 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th on the ladder.


Foot got stomped on & because he had a fractured foot earlier in his career, it’s causing some problems

Sounds very 50/50.


That’s not odd at all.


Daniher would be a good in for the Prelim final.


Early Daniel Day Lewis flick iirc


Seems to happen alot with Richmond tackles recently… there is probably a directive to the bigger guys to really make their tackles hurt (legally). Thinking back to zaka earlier in the year, and a few tackles last week.


Shows how even the comp is.