VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


They were famous for it in the 60’s…only then it was driving your knee into an opponent’s thigh. We got back at them by Fletch kicking Billy Barrot in the face, but he got stitched on the sidelines and re-appeared.


GF is played at Etihad isn’t it? We’ve been starved of success for so long we will fill it.


Is anyone going down to training.

A Training update would be appreciated this week,

Would love reports that Daniher is out there running, just in case he is a late inclusion, this or next week.


I know a few dk.heads.

Theyd pop a testicle ON their shoulder.


Think Daniher is overseas.

There’s a whole thread about it actually.


And also he’s not eligible.



Boom boom!


Lets not be overconfident.


He hasn’t played enough games in the VFL has he?


Indeed. Zero games is fewer than one game.

(It’s weird that sentence reads better with “games” rather than “game” after “zero”.)




You were number for the experience, weren’t you?


Look at you two.
Numb and number!


Disagree - only 2 was prime for the finals.


How tough was Harrison coming back on after doing a shoulder last week, then it went again late in the game.
Is he a chance to play if he gets a pain killer and shoulders strapped, or is he stuffed.


So he’s all good to play ?


Crowe says:

Besides Mynott, Crow said the Bombers got through their narrow victory in good health and are prepared for their next challenge against Casey Demons.

Further, Crowe says:

“Generally, we’ve come out of the game pretty well

Seems like Crowe either forgot about Harrison and Boyse, or they are OK.

I suspect he just forgot, or the VFL part of the club is separate, and we know that different parts of the club dont communicate with each other too well . Right ?


The weather looks f*cked, let’s be honest…

I’m gonna be a soft c*ck and watch it at home.
Kick the feet up, slippers on, a couple of spiced rums, and look for DJR on the telecast wearing that aweful red sleeveless jacket.


I reckon the sleeves will be on the jacket, this time.


I think I will brave it