VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019


Although he did get Melbourne’s second ruck more than Belly. But both were pretty bad.


Thanks for the commentary @theDJR, @saladin and @GuzzLG ! (and anyone else I’ve missed…)


If give Mynott a go to replace Mutch… ahh who are we kidding. Myers in


I was actually pleasantly surprised with how high a percentage of Gametime he played. Looked to be cramping early in the last but came back on.

One passage late in the last was a lovely gather on the wing, a chipped kick to half forward and then absolutely motored to be at the next contest , though he wasn’t used.

Agree that some of his kicking left a bit to be desired, but the action looks ok and some were a bit Francis-like. Ie- trying to kick it too hard and flat.


His kicking is actually one of his strengths, I would absolutely put today’s showing on that front as an exception.


hows he go compared to begley, walla or conor?


Today was a flash back to 10 years ago, with DJR & Saladin providing BendigoBlitz updates.





Has a Bomber Team ever had a percentage of 604% before !!!


Looked very solid and moved freely. Has a knack of winning the ball in dangerous positions. Probably needs a couple of runs against stronger opposition before he steps back up.


My first time watching Mozzie. He’s a beautiful mover who can slice his way through the heaviest traffic. The trouble was that he’d then wheel on to his left and often as not butcher the kick. The problem seemed very clear to me, he was failing to take that one steadying step before kicking - easy fix for the coaches. Very exciting prospect.


I am reading onFB that Stewart pulled up sore at halftime and that was why he sat out the second half. Can anyone confirm?


I saw that early in the last Qrt he won two vital Ruck contests against Gawn, one when he gave it off to Fantasia for a goal.

Overall our Rucks weren’t great but people just gloss over the good bits and seem to focus on the parts they don’t like.

In defence of Clark it was his first game back in the AFL & he played against a pretty good Ruckman in Gawn


Great that Stewart really seems to be stepping up as a #1 forward target. That was what he wasn’t able to do last year and which led to him getting dropped. Weak opposition, of course, but that was exactly what we wanted of him.


Did not play: Fennell, Sibbald, HepA + Ridley

(Realises I called 51 Jacob Brown as HepA all day. That’s not good.)


Ridley played on Friday night


Every game last year ended up on Youtube within 3 or 4 days. It was great, and it seems they will continue to do so this year. :+1:


Hartley was the only tall defender. Didn’t do much, didn’t have to.

McNeice, Gleeson and Redman destroyed the Frankston attacks all day. We’ve got senior options here. Ham going alright back too, though he may be there only temporarily.

Clarke was buried deep in every ruck clearance, and later got a fair bit outside too. His kicking is OK; importantly, he knows his limitations.

Begley looked really sharp for his first game back.

Brown and Stewart cleaned up goals-wise; Gown had a decent third quarter in particular.

Mo22ie was pretty bad versus everyone’s over-inflated expectations, but the smooth run through opposition in the last was nice.

Was a bit of a surprise to see Younan run out the whole game on the wing. Good stuff. But Jok stood out as the better wingman, with a successful little cameo down forward at the end.

Houlahan converted his chances. Please get more of it this year.

Damn shame Hocking didn’t hold onto that screamer in the third quarter. He was otherwise quiet. Nino Lazarro was fantastic. Ray Connellan was impressive in his debut for us: my first thought was how solid he was, including tree trunk legs, and then he absolutely burnt through the middle to show he has pace too. Can kick and does boring stuff like shepherding too.

Babyfaced Aylett is a pretty sweet backup to slot into half-back.

Langford and Mynott racked it up in the middle.

He may have got a bit too cocky in the second half, and therefore not won a couple contests, but geeeeeeeeeez Draper was good. Can do it all.


We had a percentage of infinity at half-time Round 1 in 1995 against Fitzroy. Regrettably they scored after half-time.


Had a chat to Azza & DFP as well there at qtr time.

Asked him about all the rumours, Cramp slight Hammy, … Quad, … said by now it’s probably up somewhere that you’ve lost a leg? Whats the story??

He said it’s all Bullshit & he’ll be right for next week. :+1:

Of course it could always be Ducks & Drakes stuff, but he seemed genuine, and I took him at face value.