VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019

Lol really?

I’m pretty sure he is a playing-coach, the commentators made reference to him reviewing his own tapes.

Yep, really.

Development coach & VFL player. (Like that guy said)

Must have missed that


[email protected]!!

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Yeah, but our best forward line set up year and last was 3/3 and the 3rd being stringer. I don’t think Lav offers the same defensive pressure as Walla and Bags

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No, we won the twos by nearly 100 and the ones by 10 goals, so don’t think other clubs are laughing at us to be honest.


Where can I get the bomber shoes?

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Stringer not a marking fwd. Bags is only just doing enough. Lav should be consitired.

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Not near as much as walla. Bags struggling a bit though. Stringers defensive pressure been terrific this year huge improvement.

how was BIG SAMMY?

yeah i agree, i don’t think lav offers as much pressure on our defence as bag’s 6 frees against.




Mozzie Anzac Day debut surely if Tippa out.

Link in tweet

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McKenna and Connellan look to be very solid mature additions this year.

I think I’m going enjoy watching VFL McKenna and VFL Brown this year. Danny, Buddha and Azza will always be my favourites but I need to share the load.


Dunno if the radio commentators were right to warn McKenna not to get involved in a fight with Nash Holmes. McKenna is nasty, brutish, and short(ish). And has skills, as a bonus.

Connellan (the Irish one) is solidly built but has elite top pace and his kicking is also fantastic: textbook long low drop punts that scare the opposition defenders.

23rd man Brown only really had cameos to date, but he doesn’t look at all flustered and is getting a few goals. Wait till we play a team that actually competes to see if that persists…


DJR is a content man tonight with his VFL side winning and a belly full of HOT CHIPS sitting like a brick in his bowel.


Gleeson, Begley, and LAV all had their shoes off relaxing at the end of the game. Francis and Mynott were the other two on the bench at the time.