VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019


P.S. Did anyone see TIPPA (and his corky) today?


Didn’t see Tippa there today.

McKenna was 70? My kids new VfL favorite. Every time a push a shove started they were ‘where is 70?’ He seemed to be in every little scrap.

Shiel, McGrath and Langford were good with everyone wanting photos and autographs. One little girl went up and tugged Shiel’s shirt… ‘you want a photo?’ Shiel appears to say to her…’no… can I pat your dog?’ She Asks without batting an eyelid.


Yep, Liam McKenna is 70. Recruited from WA, listed as 185cm 88 kgs 18Apr1992


Mrs hambo sees #70 and asks, “Is that the Irish bloke?” I say nah he’s #64 then look up #70. Umm, maybe he is Irish.



Did Draper play restricted minutes? Afl app suggets he only played around half game time


Done alright to make the best players only playing a half


Draper wasn’t in the (actual) best players and him being on overtly limited minutes would surprise me.

We had a few key players who under-performed for a 94 point win (e.g. Draper, Bezerk Thatcher, Begley after a hot start, Mo22ie). Bezerk at least had the excuse he was lucky to still be alive.

Mind you, we had almost no one accumulate massively. We just happened to be pretty efficient, and Norf were awful.


I was just reading an old article on Ray Connellan:

Seems like he is giving the game another crack this year, but if he can’t work his way back onto an AFL list at the end of this season, he may head back to Ireland to continue university.


Not sold on McKenna yet, need to see him do a bit more with the ball.

Connellan is a big boy, puts the “strong” in strong runner.

The side is well balanced, all we need is a VFL FF and Adam Tipungwuti and it’d be perfect




They’re a poor design: you need to look at the inside of the show to have the Puma sash draped the correct way.


I thought he was referring to Round 1 & 2 of VFL? Not Ess vs Nth over AFL/VFL?

Haven’t checked if they add up though…


Hence my edit. Not a wasted exercise: I did send the cumulative Ess/Norf score to my niece, telling her it’s never too late to reform her bad taste.


Talk Mynott to me

Debut this year?

Do we like the cut of his jib?


He was great against Frankston. His stats look awesome this weekend as well. Dlarke also is doing well.


Well, I had him ahead of Ham, so ignore whatever I say.


He is better than Clarke and Mutch, more versatile, like Hocking all the way down to his number and hailing from the Eastern Ranges

He is one of the reasons why Baguley’s spot shouldn’t be Baguley’s spot.


Why not?


Gown kicked three. Is he playing well? Any chance to get a game or two later in the season?