VFL - Round 5 vs Cats @ MCG, 11:50am Sunday 5 May 2019 - on TV

Hocking and Heppell are too good for VFL.

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I would ignore any comments by Campbell - hates us with a passion. Ignore.

Mckenna is an animal.

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Mynott takes a sliding mark, umpire decides it doesn’t count, even though he was on the wrong side.


How good was that from mynott in the middle at the bounce

Can play. He’s been awesome today

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Usually been ok commentating our games. Not today.

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Premiership favourites!!!

Worse game Begley has played for the club.

Great experience for the youngsters and VFL guys on the MCG


Way more good players than bad.
Long did some nice things.
McKenna is a big lump of a lad. Like.
Lazzaro, Mynott, Houlihan went alright, that other goalsneak up forward you were all fapping over, he was alright, too.


He has to ‘try to appear balanced’ but slips the boots in at any opportunity.

Great even effort hope our afl team can bring that intensity. Mynott is going to make it.

‘Bumble Bee’ Berry


Hilarious the Cat trying to sling tackle McKenna… but he refused to go down

Essendon win 13.16.94 over 7.10.52


Great win Bombers… They looked stuffed at the end of the game.

Sibbald was the fappee.

Nah, not the one I was thinking of.
Lant or something?

Thanks everyone for the commentary! Hope Draper is ok :crossed_fingers:
Hope our AFL boys can bring it home too!


Gown obviously has the talent, but needs a bit more footy smarts.
Has a bit of Lucas about him.
I’m sure I’m not the first to say that.

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Landt had some very good cameos for a 23rd man. Can clunk.

Fark Carlton beaten elsewhere, and Coburg are leading Port Melbourne.