VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised

Better he does it here than in the seniors.

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Goddard killing us even more

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… and cross the face.


Younan marks it in the defensive half, and the ball ends up with him marking it in the 50 near the boundary with a good mark. A good patch for him. He shoots and misses the hard shot.


Younan another chance…

If Younan could kick a goal today he would be on fire

… and from the intercept mark he misses everything.


A classic Myers bomb ends with a mark to them, but they fluff the kick across face and Younan intercepts, plays on and misses the shot the exact same way.


he’d have an afl career.

They go OOTF, Jok bangs it long and Gartlett takes the mark for them, and then they kick OOTF AGAIN and JOK bangs it long AGAIN and they mark AGAIN


Sibbald out marked by a midget.

They kick it out on the full twice. We make nothing of it.

Is someone playing the Benny Hill music yet?

houlihan is obscenely lazy. gonna need to lift his intensity.

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geez could we play any worse (except down back)?

My imagination, or is Longy playing much better with the new “sensible” do?



Play Ham in the f50, at least he can kick straight


Ham running past kicks it from 35.


Pretty painful game right now.

Ridley hands it off to Hams who finally goals easily on the run from 40m


Ham will be better than Zaharakis

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