VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised

Back 6 of
B: Long Hartley Dea
Hb: Gleeson Zerk-thatcher Ridley

Is super and has lots of intercept ability in the air.
That’s where we won it in the last quarter


:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:To Myers - handled the interview beautifully. Great game today.


Almost all from HFF.


Love Bezerk, Ridley & Ham. Can see a future for these guys.
Good start for Will also.
Gleeson showing glimpses of old.

To be honest, I reckon that would probably be a 7 to 13 ranked backline at AFL level.

Great game from BZT, holding grabs he was dropping earlier in the season, almost back at 2018 level

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He’s a very smart man David Myers, always speaks very well in the media. He seems pretty resigned to the current situation and he and Hocking are to be commended on the willingness to put the club first and help develop the kids.


Pfft… we’ll fix that.

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I hope he gets a gig developing our young guys next year.


Class Act

Reckon he has fingers (all nine of them) in a few financial pies. If you could buy shares in a bloke I’d be all in.


What happened to the 10th finger?


He is an absolute ripper bloke, everyone at the club loves him


I honestly hope he goes elsewhere; not because he wouldnt be good at it. Can you imagine all the comments on Blitz next year about having David train mediocrity into the youngsters if we perform poorly.

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Only caught the end of Dan Jordan’s interview- who was he referring to when he said they’d just left the club?

As a rule its the mediocre players that make the best coaches.
Many a legend has failed in the job.

Great to watch them. Now to watch the next match, seniors, and just a sense of dread has overcome me.

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It’s so enjoyable watching VFL hey little to no anxiety.


Should stay there permanently and help the youngsters.