VFLW - Round 12 vs Hawks @ Box Hill, 9:30AM Sunday 15 May 2022 - A DRAW

Who knows who both teams may have (and not have) on their lists by then…

Sunday 15th, not Saturday 14th.


Last time we met was at a miserably wet Box Hill City Oval. Hawks were getting more of it for the first three quarters but were comically bad at converting their opportunities.

At the final break we trailed 1.3.9 to their 1.8.14. Georgia Nanscawen had gone down with a calf injury very early in the game. And then… the rain stopped at the final break, and we went BANG!

Goals to Fede, MacDonald (from hard on the boundary on the run), and Clifford saw us run out winners 4.5.29 to 1.9.15

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At the moment the weather forecast looks like pretty good footy conditions.

Hawks are in better form than us (knocking off Casey last week, and today destroying Port 102-14). They’ve topped up hard on experience just now by adding Abbey Holmes and Jess “no longer #1” Trend. Williams and Stratton each kicked four goals today, with captain Tamara Luke at FF/ruck also in fine form.

La Presidenta suggests there is more virii to go around after our eight changes this week.

Winner likely claims a home final vs the loser in the first week of the finals.

It’s on like Donkey Kong.

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Us 356-59 in the above (603%)
Them 311-64 (486%)

100% WARFRadio.com (and 89.1FM at the ground) will be there from 10:30am.

Not missing this one!


UPDATE: AFL House just sent through an email this afternoon advising the start time has been brought forward by 2 hours.

First bounce now 9:30am on Sunday


Accurate. It’s on like donkey kong, but now at 9:30am.

Someone bring me coffee.

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alright brains trust - i need your guidance.

Is this weekend Courtney Ugle’s 50th game? @theDJR @PH_WARFRadio

(yes, I know, and you will laugh when I tell you who is asking!)

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Let me ask the fountain of all knowledge, Brendan Rhodes at the AFL website. I’ll get back to you.

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Brendan Rhodes (AFL.com.au) confirmed it’s Courtney Ugle’s 50th game this Sunday

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BOOM. Thanks Peter!

Hi Courtney hi!

The mothers Caruso and Barba learnt of their daughters’ 25th games* from me. Not sure if said daughters knew and just failed to tell them!

*Barba in anticipation.

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IIRC, Courtney missed game #1 and then nothing apart from the broken leg at the end of 2019.

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Well team, I have come down with the spicy cough today, so I’m going to rely on you all to keep me across the game of the season this Sunday. I’ll have vflw.tv up too. Let’s do this :muscle:t2:


Oh, not good. Take care


Don’t worry, I’ll provide warmup reports.

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