Violence Against Women


“Prosecutors from Contra Costa, Tulare, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange counties have agreed to a joint trial effort to be held in Sacramento and led by the city’s District Attorney’s Office”.


are they court appointing johhny cochran?


No. I think it is a subset of broader inequality between men and women.


Ha. Might be hard, dude, unless they exhume him.

Anyway, I reckon they could resolve this case fairly quickly if they put him in the general population area of the Sacramento County Main Jail (or wherever he is being detained). Let the MM, Bloods, or Crips sort him out.


In my opinion, and not a very educated one at that, the easiest and quickest and surest charge should be tried separately. Everything else can come later - if there ever is a later. Is that too naive? Does it make too much sense?


What do you think is the root of that inequality? Is it physical dominance? Sex-driven? Both?


The easiest and quickest way would be to dispense with the jury trial and hold a bench trial (with a single judge). Unfortunately, the accused has a constitutional right (to a jury trial) under the Sixth Amendment.


If people want to make a difference in preventing this from happening again (otherwise it’s simply lip service).

  1. get educated and ask the women in your life about their experiences with men and aggression.

  2. Go and be a volunteer mentor for a young man who needs the role modelling. White Lion or Big Brothers/Big Sisters. These are young men in our community who need the support and role modelling from positive men… and as a former coordinator of Mentoring programs. Men simply will not get involved in these programs. There is a huge issue with men volunteering in mentoring roles. Women on the other hand, absolutely no such issues.


This bloke will never be released. Just like the bloke who murdered the young women 6 years ago. Some crimes resonate with the community and there isn’t an Attorney-General in Victoria, now or ever that would agree to their release. These two will rightly die in gaol.


The bloke who went stupid on Hoddle St in the 80’s. He’ll never be released. The guy who went stupid down a mall recently. He’ll never be released.


Sadly Derrin Hinch was released!


The discussion on the radio made a strong link between violence against women & inequality. TBH it seemed a bit far-fetched at first to suggest equal pay & men doing the dishes would somehow reduce incidence of rape & murder. But then it struck me that these are symptoms of status and power. And violence is way for insecure, angry people to exercise power over someone they consider lower status. A bit like kicking the cat, sadly.

So yeah, I think Heffsgirl is right. I suspect its angry losers taking it out on someone they see as unequal, lower status & therefore fair game. I don’t think sex has much to do with it.


So - a ‘lazy way’ if I may reduce it to that for sake of argument, of achieving what you want - using brute force which is more than likely going to give you an advantage over women, because you either couldn’t be bothered with other methods, or are not capable of using other methods? Minus the minority of persons who abuse because they enjoy it?

A bit like child abuse, perhaps. Except women are not immature.


I’m just guessing with no experience (thankfully). I’d be interested in @Heffsgirl 's perspective given her career.


Interesting that you say this in the violence against women thread. Do you know much about Hinch?


I think there is an underlying entitlement conditioning in some men. Entitlement means they cannot view the sexes equally. Violence is a method of getting what they they feel they are entitled too.


In your experience, are these kind of people only aggressive towards women, or physically weaker people in general? Is there a difference between these two types of people?


In my experience they were aggressive towards women. Aggression was usually directed towards me as a responding officer not my partner (generally male). Countless times i heard their description of their partner in terms of possession- she’s mine i have a right…etc

Not sure how they interacted with males outside the home. If we interviewed neighbors it was generally "a surprise " that xx was abusive. Though there is the caveat that these witnesses were covering up their own inadequacy to intervene (or didn’t see a problem with said behavior).


Were they often abusive towards their children also if they had any?


Saw this a lot in my time as a social worker also