Violence Against Women


Not violence, but he did have sex with a 15 year old when he was in his 30’s.


By and large not violent. But there is emotional violence which is just as devastating.

The theory of entitlement could certainly extend to children, I just never saw it as pervasive as towards women.

I don’t see a similar sense of entitlement in women or the way we are raised. Given that I see domestic violence perpetrated by men and women as stemming from different core causes.

Caveat - my thought are based on a relatively small sample size.


He didn’t know she was 15…


A little different to violence don’t you think? He lost his sister to violence, it is the one thing he stands up against that we should all applaud him on.

Also wasn’t it proven that he was lied to about the age of the person?


I would spend a large chunk of my time working with young male offenders of violent crimes and sexual assault chargers who had moved out of detention and onto diversion orders. There was a broad spread of cultural backgrounds, just to be clear. But the two consistent themes amongst nearly all of them. There was either no, or poor, positive male role model in their home life, or they had an undiagnosed learning disability. It was very rare, that a juvenile offender came from a solid home. If they did, it leaned towards the LD


Actually, no he didn’t

In his 2004 autobiography Hinch said he made a ‘dreadful mistake’ when he unknowingly slept with the young lingerie model who he thought was ‘about 25’.

The girl contacted Hinch ‘out of the blue’ in 2013 and corrected him to say she was actually 17 at the time, not 15 as Hinch had believed and had written.

The legal age of consent for sex in Victoria was 16.


Late last year, I was doing a wellbeing session at a local school, with ten year 9 boys. A discussion was brought up about equality between genders.

A couple of the boys believed that it’s unequal, and the rest either thought there wasn’t an issue or they hadn’t thought about it.

So we brainstormed all the jobs they do around the house at home.
Then we labelled all the jobs that their mothers do around the house… I probed for jobs that they didn’t even know existed. It’s fair to say they were pretty surprised by the amount of work their mothers do.

I then told them a story about the time I moved out of home, and moved in with my girlfriend. I didn’t consciously think that my girlfriend would do all the house jobs, but I just didn’t do any of them.

After about 2 weeks she was legit ready to rip my head off, and said that this is not the way it’s going to be if we’re living together. I got a big wake up call back then.

I quickly realised that I was incredibly entitled, and the women around me would do everything for me. I’m still entitled, but every day I’m working hard to get better. I’ve asked all the close females in my life to pull me up, when I subconsciously make decisions and communicate in a way that is unequitable.

The young men in the group, started to recognise the small things around the house… that without consciously making an effort, the work is left to the women or mother in the home.


Ah yeah… hence why i said ‘not violence’?


Still kinda weird.


That’s my experience also.


Weird for a 35 yr old guy to have sex with a 25 yr old women (one he thinks is that age) and who is a model?

More weird if that didn’t happen.




Do you realise that on average, people who are sentenced to death in the USA are not executed for at least 10 years and often 20+ years. Your wish is impractical.


Um, yes, I do realise that. Impracticality has nothing to do with my own personal preference - even if it isn’t carried out.


But isn’t having sex with a teenager when he was a well and truly grown man a form of violence? Consenting or not, he took advantage of a girl who wouldn’t have known better for his own gratification.

Regardless of what happened to his sister, he shouldn’t be having sex with teenagers.


Hinch had no need to make his overly explicit recent tweets concerning the alleged nature of Aiia Maasarwe’s

Extremely poor taste, insentive to her family and plain grand-standing.

It’s laudable to be a strong voice against sexual violence and physical violence against women, but it’s not cool to be an ■■■■-hole.


Or upon someone they feel is beyond them. I.e. I’m angry that I can’t have that thing/person I want to possess, so I will punish thing/person/women for it. It’s their fault that I feel like this, etc. The presumption is that she is denying his feeling > right, so I’ll just take it.


If memory serves Hinch was a prick when Hookesy and Graham Kennedy died also.

Showed a complete lack of respect.


Hinch is a piece of sh/t, plain and simple.

He trumpets how concerned he is about sexual offenders but he frequently does things that actually threaten the convictions of those same sex offenders (by publishing material while cases are sub judice). He does this repeatedly and with no regard at all for the consequences.

It’s always about him and promoting himself, and never about the actual cause. He’s called the Human Headline for a reason.

Fark him.


Yes he can be all of those things, but; he is there to do what he is doing for both men/women and children. He also I believe has really never got over what happened to him which is the reason he is so full on about it. Every time something happens out there it happens again to him on some level inside. Full on fight/flight which shows up as agro/angry. Yes I have met him.

Personally I don’t warm to the bloke but I can’t judge him on his desire to make difference and create awareness of the dangers which still very much exist.