Violence Against Women


Did you not bother to read? He didn’t know she was a teenager at the time, thought she was in her mid 20’s. Only found out later she wasn’t.


How convenient



Life happens, get over yourself.




The ol’ “Oh bugger, I didn’t know she was a child” excuse.

Utter bullshit and Hinch sympathisers are enablers.


The other awesome thing Hinch did (you know, apart from being convicted of five criminal offences) is to drink his liver to death, get miraculously donated a new liver, and then immediately commence also drinking that liver to death. Class act



No doubting the man is a turd.
That much is a given.


So what you are saying is, you have no idea and are not willing to know the details, just preach as though you are perfect. Spare us all the faux sanctimony.

Maybe you can educate us on how the drug cheat up at Sydney is going, been busted lately and crashed into a few parked cars?


Grown men who have sex with children deserve the community’s condemnation. Be careful. People might start to think you’re a paedo sympathiser.




I just think its violence against other people.

Most people spend the majority of time with 1 member of the opposite sex. (then kids, then friends/other family, then the general public).

I don’t think violence against women is more or less insidious than violence against men. But I do think it probably happens a lot.

A violent woman, I can handle(have done so) and learnt now from experience I want to avoid…

A violent man. A LOT less so. And im thankful I dont encounter them very often. (general public).

Some women, they encounter violent men every day and all the time.(ie its their partner)

So I do think its a massive problem.

Don’t think its some gender power dynamic so much. I just think there are violent people, and those that are men are a lot harder to handle. I would be ■■■■ scared if I was a woman living with one.


Fk me. Seriously? The violence against women thread has become another ■■■■■■■ contest. How appropriate.


I’m not sure about that.
In the same way that a person can prey upon the young and defenceless - because of these very circumstances, may not another habitually ‘prey’ on women because he sees them/her as unable to defend themselves? And may not that defencelessness be exacerbated by the unwillingness of others to believe the victim? I hate comparing women with children - because they are not children. But there is a similarity to my mind, in that in many ways, they can easily fall prey to be victims - particularly if they are not listened to. How do you see that?


Technically he could have ‘relations’ with a 17yo tomorrow and it would still be legal, assuming said 17yo was consenting of course.

Fwiw Hinch, like all shock jocks, is scum and should be deported into the sun via cannon


Some violence being rooted in a gender power dynamic is absolutely a thing. I’ve seen it more than once over the course of my life.


Oh no doubt, but theres plenty of violent blokes who will go after the smaller/weaker/passive other bloke, compared to him. (or if drunk go after the bloke that will put him on his ■■■■).

Violence I think is just the means.
Theres a multitude of reason men and women have conflict.
(and men and men. Women and women etc etc)


I’m far from an expert in the field and form my opinions on what I read, hear and see, and those opinions are quite fluid. This is not an area that I feel I understand very well. The shallow simple part, sure. That part includes the examples you just gave.
I feel there is more to it than that, though. I feel there is a mixture of aggression/dominance/sexual tension/insecurities among other things that come together to create the phenomena this thread exists to discuss. I think it is inclusive of, but more than, the aggression shown to someone of lesser physical strength - but incorporates it. More than presumed authoritarian dominance, but there are elements of that. In crimes of a sexual nature - more than lust.
One thing I do know with certainty - any argument/debate/conflict that has polar opposites and is championed with equal ferocity from both sides - is never ever a simple thing.


Seriously? Grow up Diggers and stop trolling, you are turning into another alex, or even Trip.


Yeah nah