Violence Against Women


I don’t get rapists. I think there is some sort of mental illness there, or at the very least under developed capacity. How having sex with someone that doesnt want it is possible is beyond me. How on earth does a man find that arousing?

I do disagree for example our pre historic ancestors clubbed females over the head and dragged them into caves. If you look at the animal kingdom, I dont think any or many species act like that. ie. there is mostly recipricol courtship. Maybe i’m wrong. Would love say David attenboroughs take on it.

My thoughts on violence is that it only takes one aggressive person to create a violent incident, and that’s not nearly always the man, although it is the man whose violence which causes injury.

I dont think anyone could force themselves sexually on another, it takes a sicko.

However I do think everyone has the capacity to be somewhat violent, most arent though because they are rational. (from say throwing I dont know a pencil, to punching someone)


Dolphins are the undisputed rapists of the animal kingdom

But as far as humans go, lack or absence of empathy is the main reason behind most forms antisocial behaviour


Some points:

(1) Rape fantasy is about as common a fantasy as there is. You can’t see how the line of fantasy/reality can blur? Or wires cross?
(2) Interestingly enough - the animals that are considered the more intelligent and closer to us genetically - are the same ones that actually do exhibit sexual violence. Check it out when you get time.
(3) I disagree. In my opinion, it takes more than one person to have an aggressive confrontation - but not necessarily more than one to have a violent act. There is a difference, even while considering and including self-defense.
(4) Sicko. Well, I just don’t know what a sicko is, to be honest. There is no clear delineation in my mind. Maybe I’m a sicko.


Here is one I had written after the Barry Hall head explosion.


Rape is not about sexual arousal. It’s about control




Behave - this isn’t the DJ thread, you know.


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I don’t agree with this being lip service. Although the fact that we are here discussing it means that we’re probably already onboard.

But it’s the little things with our kids is where we can start. Things like don’t hit your sister or if you want a girls attention at school you talk to her. Don’t hit her because you don’t know what else to do. They might seem basic but this is where respect begins.


Now I understand rape is not always strictly a man putting his ■■■■■ into a woman vagina.

But how on earth is that possible without arousal?

I don’t really understand it. I just couldn’t be interested in a person who wasnt interested in me at the sametime. I just cant relate to a rapists mind.


It IS about arousal ultimately, but the driving force for that arousal (for some) can be control and cruelty. To varying levels. It reaches a horrifying end game with some in ultimate control over life and death becoming linked to their ability to get aroused.

It’s a very unpleasant and disturbing field.


I cannot see what that has to do with the topic we are talking about.

Come back from out past third base to the plate.


The last thing a rapist thinks about is the person they are forcing to have sex, male or female or about foreplay. And; contrary to common belief, adolescents and young men also get raped.


Not sure if I want to enter an opinion into rape fantasy on how common it is? Its not something I know anything about.

Sicko as in perverse that’s the only thing im saying. Rape is perverse. Fantasing about doing it I think is perverse. Morally bankrupt.


I worked in the rape crisis area for awhile and also with sex offenders in Victorian Prisons.

All I will say is, the world is full of many different types of people and some simply do not think, relate or behave anything like the rest of the population.


I dare say that we’re talking about an issue as old as human ‘civilization’. I don’t know the stats - has the rate of relevant offences increased in recent decades, or just increased in line with population? Of course I agree we need to do much more, and that access to appropriate role models is a key part of that. I’m afraid I’m not optimistic about society resolving this as quickly or satisfactorily as any decent person would like, particularly in the climate of increased individualism and fractured families and communities (acknowledging that the latter do bond, to some extent, in response to tragic events)


What’s to understand? Some people like it.

What people like can’t really be controlled.

Only what they do with that drive.


I believe rape stats are going up, but there’s a body of thought that tht’s more to do with police actually taking claims more seriously than they did in the past.


Koalas are real rapey too. Dogs aren’t exactly polite.
Actually I daresay there’s heaps of animals.


Which in turn is giving more women a bit more confidence to come forward if it happens to them.