Violence Against Women


There are SO many entangled and interwined factors/causes/results in such a topic. There’s no one, neat answer.

Imo, the overarching truth is that Humanity has always been willing and able to inflict violence and depravity on others. Both at a national/ethnicity/religious/tribe level, and at the microcosm level of one on one.


Agreed, and there are several possible reasons for it. Familial relationships and how they relate to xenophobia might be part of this.


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Yes that’s true the numbers are rising. There are also more males reporting sexual assault and rape which a decade ago hardly ever happened. Many more crimes with violence using weapons.

I can remember working with a group of men who were all sex offenders and in jail for violent rape and/or murder. There was a ramp, the sirens went off very loudly, everyone scattered trying to get back to their dorms before total lock down. My teaching partner and I found ourselves in lock down with one of the most dangerous men in the prison and no one knew where we were. When the Corrections staff did their count and realised we were missing, they came looking for us with guns drawn.

The pair of us were crouched in a corner of a room making ourselves look as small and inconspicuous as possible, offering no threat, while the prisoner proceeded to kick in windows, smash the furniture, screaming like a wild animal pacing back and forth. He was a big man and known for his eruptive violent behaviour and crimes because of his mental and emotional fragility and unpredictability everyone was wary of him. It seemed like a very long time before we were found, though it may not have been.

We looked at each other in the midst of this utter chaos smiled, without speaking and crossed our fingers. We were physically unharmed but mentally and emotionally stretched to the limit. It was my third time in a ramp inside six months and I decided third time lucky. This was the sign for me and I was out of there. What I learned was about limits and pushing yourself to the edge of your sanity which is a dangerous place to be because its easy to lose yourself in the chaos and craziness.


“I note you are an Aboriginal person and you may be vulnerable because of your age and appearance, this being your first time in custody,” Magistrate Jon Klestadt said.

I say too ■■■■■■■ bad.


That’s true of domestic violence stats but not so much rape stats


A very interesting listen is a podcast fom the BBC Documentary series. ‘India’s battle with online ■■■■.’
Sorry, can’t add the link but very easy to find using a Google search.

It gives a fascinating insight into the mentality of some men regarding ■■■■, violence and rape. Many find these inter twined, or a line of progression if you like. The scariest aspect is that so many seem to think this is a natural, or at least acceptable method of satisfying their sexual urges.

I found it a very confronting listen, but interesting none the less.


That’s ■■■■. Strange that the word is redacted on here, but actual ■■■■ seems to be so easily accessible. :roll_eyes:


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Very interesting article.

Big take away is that 30,000 apprehended violence orders were issued in 2018, in NSW.

There is huge issues with Donestic Violence. It’s silent. It’s unspoken, and many men are refusing to acknowledge there’s an issue or take any ownership of their mates doing it.


Spare me lectures from Pru Goward - good riddance to her.

When she was Sex Discrimination Commissioner in 2000s she tried to prevent Australian Govt having a men’s health policy - and was successful for a time. This stopped Govt funding research into things like prostate cancer. In my view she’s caused more premature male deaths than women have died from DV in last 15-20 years.


AVO’s don’t always tell the right story. People get them all the time in divorce proceedings and often both sides take them out.


Actually an AVO order applies to both people. No phoning, no texting, no visual contact, no emailing and both parties must keep away from each other and each other families, supposedly.

Truthfully, in my personal experience, I don’t believe an AVO is worth the paper it is written on. Someone who has NO respect for the law or the person they are angry at, will NOT obey an AVO nines times 'outta ten.


Oh, entirely. But that’s not the real point of an AVO.

An AVO is REALLY intended to give a legal basis for cops to come down on persistent creeps. In a case where there’s no AVO, the bad ex-partner might do a hundred stalkery things which individually don’t violate any significant laws or which in isolation seem fairly minor, and the other partner has no legal recourse. When there IS an AVO, any of this stuff comes neatly under the heading of ‘violating an AVO’ which is a significant offence and the law can get involved in a meaningful way.

An AVO is a tripwire, not a fence.


Doesn’t even work as one of those. The amount of times cops will say they can’t do anything even with an AVO is off the charts. Not the cops fault btw, not blaming them.

AVO’s need to be seriously re-worked into a much better more robust system.


So the murdered women was actually of Palestinian origin but carrying an Israelian passport. And the family was of Muslim faith. Despite repeated efforts by the family the media still label her Israelian. Yet more poor journalism by the media.


Whole legal/social system needs to be reworked.
Violence equals jail.
I don’t care if it’s for one day, but it’s jail.
Home invasion equals jail.
And extreme white collar crime definitely equals jail.
If we’re gonna send a youth to jail for stealing a pack of bikkies, and we do, then we sure as hell can send a guy who’s been skimming off the top of commissions.