Violence Against Women


The one time someone I know took out an AVO on an ex, it was taken extremely seriously by the police (although a lot of his harassment was done online - he hacked MY facebook in order to get to his ex - and they didn’t really have the skillset or understanding to evaluate, understand, or deal with that) and was extremely effective.

Quite aware that this experience might not have been representative though.


Because the media/public care more about the murder of white women then women of colour.


They label her Arab Israeli in all the stories I have read.


Also, lol.
She is…sigh was…Israeli.


Yeah. I was more going against his point.

However Israelian would also be wrong because there is no such thing, you are either from Israel or Israeli. Sounds almost like you are calling the person Raelian (look them up, crazy sex cult).


I was saying they live in Israel.
I’d have thought that makes them Israeli, but I’m by no means an expert.


It is often the people themselves who differentiate, not Israel itself or the media. I read one article where the sister said they were Arab Israeli, then another from the father I think that said they were Palestinians living in Israel. The whole thing can be quite messy.

Simple for you and I, you live in a place you are that, but not over there, people a little touchy about that.


I accept that.
People are weird.
Not like people were calling the family Jewish.
I mean…that is a thing.
I certainly don’t equate Israeli with Jewish. Could be Christian. Could be pagan for all I know.


I’m confused. Why was she considered a “woman of colour”?


“women of colour” being shorthand for not from a white, Christian background


Finally someone got there, phew.


Yes but this is where I get confused. Not about who is white but about who isnt. We know indigenous Africans are not white. But as for the rest? This is a serious question.
So are Italians white? What about Greeks? Turks? Syrians and Lebanese? Iraquis? Iranians? How about Israeli? So as you move around the Mediterranean do people suddenly become non white?
And what about Afghans and Kazakhstanis? Are they non white?
It seems to me that people who want others to be dissasociated from western culture declare people to be “people of colour” with no real reasoning behind it.
I really am confused. I’ve tried to do a bit of research but not much luck in working it out. If any of our blitzers knows the answer please enlighten me.


It’s a rubbery definition that can be modified to suit the objectives of the user


That’s what I think, but I’m happy to stand corrected.


How about this crazy women who wants to redefine that:


I disagree with you there.

I took out an AVO on our next door neighbour, who was angry that the Council, who made us use a driveway going past his house and refused to give us a permit to have a road elsewhere but; instead of our neighbour fighting the Council, he attempted twice to run me off the road in our car. I complained to the Police who said take out an AVO at the Bega Court. We’ll be able to stop him then.

We went to court and found he had taken an AVO out against me. The Court allowed this and then made rules which neither of us we allowed to break supposedly for 12 months or else. Within two weeks, he had broken all of them and tried to run me over while walking my dog with a twenty ton crane. I went back to the Police who said off the record, I should get someone to give him a hiding or worse. He had form and was well known to them. Great. We sold up and moved. By that time we were nervous wrecks because every night until we moved, we would get phone calls every hour on the hour. As I said only those who are willing to obey the law and do the right thing. People like this make their own rules.

AVO’s and the Police in this case, useless as t1ts on a bull.


The man who bashed, raped killed and apparently mutilated and desecrated her body?

Wow. He is going to COP it in prison.


I doubt it.
Prison doesn’t really function the way people think it does.


In the end an AVO is just a piece of paper.
It offers f all protection to anyone.
And most people are lucky if the police will enforce one until they have been beaten half to death.
About as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.


Too many American films/TV shows?