Violence Against Women


He would be in trouble if it was a child he did that to, but it wasn’t. And it’s just not viewed the same.
Also, people who commit offences that would see them in that sort of situation are segregated from the general prison population, and are surrounded by people like themselves. Once upon a time it was different, but that was a long time ago. Occasionally one gets cut from the protected herd and dealt with, but it’s pretty rare. The reality is, unless you are a “peter thief” you should be pretty safe in prison if you keep your head pulled in and just go about your business.


If they change the legislations around parole because of this, then we’re talking a different story.


However… personal anecdotes do not a rule make.


The deceased women is of Palestinian origin who happens to live in Israel and travels with an Israel passport. As we know many Palestinians live in Israel or parts that used to be Palestine. Anyway i wait for the media to call an Iranian person an Arab.


Are you kidding?


This was before Israel brought in apartheid.


Don’t start me on the parole board. Many who sit, are so out of touch with what’s going on in the real world its ridiculous. Half the people who get parole should get a bullet it would be kinder and the population outside would be a dam side safer. I hope things don’t have to get any worse before they get any better. Murphy’s Law applies.


What makes you say that?


It’s Yaco.



What makes me say that? Once again a young woman is murdered by a fellow with form who should have been inside for previous wrong doings, not outside waiting to go to court. How many times does this have to happen before the parole board wake up and stop giving people chances who have proven form of no change in their behaviour. Like the guy in Q who sexually assaulted a YOUNG CHILD. The PB gave him parole because he hadn’t committed any offences in jail. Of course not 1. because inmates hate rock spiders and 2, there were NO children in jail to be got at. He was only out of jail a few hours and he had re-offended. The PB take NO responsibility for their poor decision making.


Thats the problem - no accountability. If their decisions were linked to their employment continuation then they might be a little more inclined to err on the side of caution. If they decide a prisoner poses no risk to the community & subsequently they re-offend then that clearly shows poor judgement. Poor judgement in any role should be discouraged not rewarded.


The word apartheid has been mentioned in dispatches regarding the Israel and Palenstine situation. Anyway at some stage there will have to be a one state solution as the two state solution is an impossibility.


What I stated in my post is factually correct. Pity the media can’t get it right. Then again IT believes everything in the media is correct.


lol it went right over your head as usual

BTW you were the one claiming what the media was saying and that was incorrect.


Its always a case of ‘check your reading comprehension’ or ’ it went over your head’ when you are challenged. In the last two days the media has correctly titled the identity of the deceased woman. They must have realised the error of their ways.


Heard of a nasty case today. Young girl (16 or 17) walking home from the coffee shop, where she works as a dishpig. She was walking along on one the side streets which turns onto the highway when she was approached by a car (male driver, female passenger) offering her a lift. She’s a Port girl and they were strangers.

She refuses, car turns off towards the highway and goes round the block and approaches her again. She refuses again. Car does the block again and this time returns without the woman.

Luckily she got home and called the police. But what sort of complete ■■■■■■■■ tries this straight after the girl was murdered in Bundoora?

Hopefully she got the number plate. People like that shouldn’t even make it to the police station.

Worse thing for her…when she got home, no doubt still pretty distressed, she steps on a basket, and fell, breaking her forearm.


Just yesterday, a friend got off the train at Brunswick station, after work, and was followed all the way home (a couple of blocks) to her front gate by some creep.

She said that this sort of thing happens every few months, and feels like it’s only a matter of time before something really bad will happen.

I’ve spoken to a few friends who also live in the northern suburbs who constantly have similar experiences.
It’s beyond belief how scared women must feel constantly.


I think you should do something about this, tomorrow.


Well there ya go. It’s a thing. Thank you for pointing this out.

I find it strange that the media would focus more heavily on missing white women instead of women as a whole. I’d imagine it’s because they believe it will rate higher but surely the general public, by and large, are equally outraged at crimes regardless of the victim’s ethnicity.