Violence Against Women


I never just go out and go about my business. I go out and am constantly scanning my horizons for threats.

It is unacceptable that women have to live like this.


No, they correctly titled it from the start, only you didn’t and you when called out for it you respond in your usual way.

Never go full Yaco.


Unfortunately not the case. It’s another example of privilege (that people care about you more)


I recall her initially being described as an Israeli. Then it changed to Israeli Arab then finally as Palestinian.

The media got it right. Eventually.


To be fair, there is a sliding scale here.
As Stewie says, ‘Black man gone missing? My god, the media will be all over that!’


Has this been reported to the police yet?


Her sister said Arab Israeli and the father said Palestinian. So again , the media can only report what they are told by the family.

As I have said, (ignoring Yaco’s theatrics) the issue over there is complicated and people say a lot of different things about who they.


That would be nice, wouldn’t it.


I don’t quite agree with you and Megz. I don’t have faith in people’s intellect but I do in people’s capacity not to be total carnts.

Oh well. Agree to disagree on that one :slightly_smiling_face:


You’d lead a pretty outraged life if every missing/murdered person was equally reported (and you responded equally) irrespective of their demographic.
ie an estimated 35,000 Australians are currently considered missing and the figure of 8 million gets thrown out for the number of NEW missing children each year. That’s a lot of outrage.


The amount of outrage would be…


So pointing out facts is theatrical. So theatrics is another term to add to the list. Yes it is complicated over there, so more the reason to get the title correct.


You can’t get the title correct when there is no tittle to give and the FAMILY offer different ones.

You are such a bright spark. Never go full Yaco. There’s another one for you.


Have you reported this yet?


There was a 16 yo girl dragged into bushes in the middle of the day in Chermside West (Brisbane North) in the last few days.
Thankfully she kicked the guy and he ran off.

Selfishly I’m glad I have 2 sons so I have less worry about this type of thing but conversely I have extra responsibility to teach them right from the start.

I used to live near the Kedron Brook (Brisbane North) and walk my dog early before walk, usually just before dawn. There had been a bloke assaulting women for a while on and off around that area. My dog used to wander off leash so occassionally it would look like I was by myself.
I used to hate seeing most of the women who walked at similar times always looking for the nearest path/exit or any bushes to avoid etc.
I used to walk right down next to the water so they at least could see I was well away from them and they weren’t potentially blocked in.
I feel so sorry for anyone who has to live their life with such fears through no doing of their own.


Not sure what the difficulty is here.
Nationality is not ethnicity

Ethnically Palestinian.
Nationally, legally, Israeli.

Just like I’m ethnically Anglo. But legally Australian.


It was more that yaco seemed surprised that a Palestinian had traveled on a Israeli passport.


I’m sceptical whether the police will do anything. Walking the same path as someone isn’t a crime.


There has to be someone seriously injured before police even think about investigating.


But if it happens to a few people in the same area and they all report it the police will be more aware and hopefully patrol the area more as a deterrent or identify the person involved