We didn't win! - Review vs Richmond

We seemed to be able to defend well given the number of times the ball came in but they didn’t score but we were well and truly covered when going forward as well.

It would be a bit harsh to single out anybody in the last quarter for losing the game given we had so many turn overs all night.

I really hope in the off season we find a better drill to practice with that sort of pressure. I’m not a high frequency visitor to training sessions but i’ve never seen that sort of pressure while we are training. We can see it any round. When that sort of pressure is on us we tend to fall away. We need to work harder.

The game plan seems to hold, we are fast enough but it’s the last half a percent that we are lacking.

Hooker will win us a game off his own boot one day ala Lucas or Lloyd. Won’t be as pretty as them but will be full of heart!

On Langford, big bodied mid, never played where we need a big bodied mid! Coaches instructions? Mystified.


Liked the game overall. Played well in patches and wern’t blown away.

Plenty to like for next year.

Half a dozen players that don’t stand up to that kind of contested game. We need to be brave and look past them.


We had no idea how to win that game.


Feeling bullish for 2019 :joy:


Play well and we can beat these guys.


Another year, another wonderful learning opportunity


Don’t worry we’ll make finals next years. BJ, Zaka, Hurley, Hooker and Colyer will lead us to the promised land.


15 years since that anzac day where collingwood showed that if you just run off essendons hb you can get easy possessions and outnumber the backline every time

15 years of the same relying on Essendon laziness, and 15 years of Essendon living up to it’s comfortable mediocrity accepting culture

5 goals + that could have been stopped by VFL level players who would just stay with their men

With the potential on our list, playing 110% we’d win a flag, but because the club recruits paycheque footy players, we sit in the middle to bottom of the ladder year in year out, and the shittiest thing, is that it’s the essendon bred players not the traded in ones who are found out every time there’s a big game


Another utterly wasted year. FFS.


is there a stat for conceding goals from your fwd 50? we’d have to stink a bit in that area. seems like a regular occurrence that we do all the hard work, miss a shot or not even get one then concede a goal.

anyway, great effort in the last quarter but left it too late.

up cooney fark port now.


We made them play at their best to beat us. Im happy with that


I don’t care how close we got - we had players, senior players, that just ■■■■ the bed.

Zaka can’t handle pressure one bit. Let us down so much.

Don’t want to sugar coat anything, boys should be disappointed with that tonight. A severely weakened Richmond. Hopefully it drives them next season.


not sure what’s more worrying about the delusional state of efc supporters.
the fact they thought we’d win tonight.
or the fact they think a gaff or shiel will fix this team.

we are half a win infront knights best year, let that sink in.

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Moments that lost it.

1:When caddy took that easy mark on the point post… i thought i was push in the back to francis…
2:Heppel kick off half back… heppell is forbidden to kick inboard… never allowed ever…
3:Hookers Hook kick.
4: Houlis not paid deliberate out of bounds. It was clear as that was delibrate.


We actually should have won tonight that’s the thing. Richmond didn’t win, we lost. It was all there to take.


I’m going to continue my f*cking rant about set shot goal kicking for the next 6 months.

I’ve had enough.


You are boring with how quiet you are after a win and how loud you are after a loss.

Good news though, at least next year we will see less of you.


I goin to r00t me missus


Gagf toigers

We’ve done pretty well with a patched up forward line and Hooker on one leg.
Our defense needs a few personell changes.
We can’t continue to carry slow players who cant defend the zone, you’ll get by against average teams, not against quality.
JD and smack up forward,
Gleeson back will make a huge difference.