We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


Kevin Walsh ? Dean Wallis ?


Thats the thing with the forward lien though. Joe and Raz are as good as they get. But this year they have been injured or way underdone.


Watch the match again if you can. Both Smack and Brown often intentially knocked the ball down to the little guys. Created some chaos and unfortunately a little inaccuracy but also created a number of close range stoppages.


I’m not saying they didn’t do an ok job on the weekend, just that, in my opinion at least, they are not the answer. Neither has any degree of consistency. They both have skills, but they are not guys where you know that if you need them to cover for someone that they will deliver. We need a couple of guys with more reliability than those two.


Also required up the flanks, especially now Zaha is out.

I’d have a small forward pretty high on the shopping list at trade/draft time.


No, certainly not the whole answer, but a big improvement on some one sitting in the stand. Like Collingwood, D.Moore may be the future star but Mihochek has scored 5 goals in the last 2 games and generally made himself a nuisance to the opposition. Unfortunately unreliability is often the the penalty of the C level player. But like Myers on the weekend and Smack recently, even they can surprise.


The one where smack dab inside 50 and we had a 4 on two about half way through the third but he missed and it went down the other end for a goal. Would have been 6 goals up if he’d kept running, instead we were 4 goals up.


What have I missed?


I’m sure he means Zaka.

Very good poster HAP, but he’s making a number of errors with names lately.
I would hope he would clean up his work !


Shut up wimm

(Yes Zaha, post edited)


Thank fark for that. As you were.


If i want the right answer , i ask a manager.
Altho that could simply just deacribe my ■■■■■■ workplace.

The rest , well to use a general workplace like you did , if you have to pick up 20 kg bags of concrete all day , as an example.
Do you want a guy solely with experience sitting there doing nothing but giving advice like “lift with the legs”.
Or do you want a guy who has less experience but get in there and lifts bags with you ?

I juat thought the whole point of worsfolds mantra wad that all players have to govern themselves and all monitor what everyone is doing.

If someone isn’t setting up properly, then it shouldnt be left to goddard to be the only one to point it out. If saad sees something or someone not setting up , he should be on them , ditto mckenna, ditto hurley, ditto the rest of the players.

Thwy do so much work during the week, if they dont know how or where to set up, and the dont follow the coaches instructions, what do people think a players word will do ??


It clearly helps
I don’t think it’s that the younger guys don’t know what they’re meant to do. It’s keeping it fresh in mind. It’s a long, and hard game, and it can be hard enough just to concentrate on getting a kick.

Remember X starting position. Watch for player Y getting onto their preferred foot. Make sure you’re talking to teammate Z, if you want them to look for you streaming into the centre corridor
Etc etc etc.

As you say, the ideal is all 22 are watching, thinking and talking about match-ups, gameplan, options & positioning all the time. Realistically some are going to be better at that than others, and realistically it’s going to wax and wane, realistically a first gamer probably isn’t going to have the same confidence to chirp up or the same experience to read the game as a 200 gamer.

In Myers eg, he’s very vocal, very driven. It doesn’t get him a game alone, but it’s part of the picture why they go for him over someone else (ie Clarke).


I wonder if the roles were reversed whether Heppell would have caused the same damage to Hodge. I doubt it because Hepps would have taken more care to not do that to his opponent. Hodge is a carnt and saw a split second opportunity to do some damage. Hodge was not trying to protect himself he just ran through Hepps.


They were both contesting the ball. l reject any and all efforts to make that collision anything more than that.


Yeah. You’ve got to look at the incident in slow motion. I am not saying it was against the rules or that Hodge should be pinged. Just that he had other choices that may not have caused damaging Hepps. In my books that makes Hodge a carnt.


It makes Hodge a footballer.

It may very well be the Queenslander in me, but if you get a chance to hit the opposition hard and fairly, you take it. Every time.


Hodge = 4 flags
Hep = 0
I take being a carnt any day of the week


The whole ‘make him earn it’ is part of football and has been forever.

When opportunity to hurt the opposition and you can get away with it you do it.

It’s a contact sport, not netball.

Hodge is well known for being an enforcer of sorts. Heppell unfortunately left himself open to as close to a shirt front as you can get away with (this time ball in hand) these days and that’s that.


That’s your first problem.

Slow motion is pretty well only helpful for showing where contact was made. You have to watch it in real time to get the full extent of time for decision making/intent.

Hodge is an ■■■ wipe but I love the way he goes about it.