Welcome back Nino

If we lose to Cats so be it I still be happy with 4-3 reckon we pinch one of Port or Brissy

I don’t care losing to top sides it’s how we lost that ■■■■■■ me off. 22 points at 3 qrt time and then crap the bed and allowed to Pies to kick 7 straight.

All we neded was one of Draper,Weid,Menzie to kick one and probably would have been enough to halt Pies momentum and we hang on for a win.

Couldn’t we keep him banned for just another month???

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You probably the one that got me banned haha

I don’t even know what you did.

Didn’t know i got banned till I got home. Iv’e seen worst posts on here that don’t get banned.

We have to wait till round 13 vs Fark Carlton before we know if Nino enjoys this season. So far away.


Apart from the last qrt on Anzac Day i’m pretty happy with how we are travling right now. I was laughed at for saying I can see us going 4-0 well i wasn’t far off


I laughed more when you got banned.

I see you got banned too

What account were you using???

No account was just browing through a thread and saw your name rubbed out.

How serendipitous.

It was 28 points at 3QT

Was it?

I must have been drunk the last qrt was a blur lols

Nino making the ‘Welcome back Nino’ thread all about himself.


Nino Fanta - Pants

I thought i was ninos burner

Welcome back


Patrick Bomber must have had a hand in his return.


Nice to have you back @Finding_Nino

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