How do you access the new BomberBlitz on mobile? Mine is just showing a blank screen...


Yep, thanks Riolio.  And thanks also sports bet for including the Dons in the fun and games.  I look forward to getting back to complaining about Etihad.  Fresh start, new undies.


Great to have Blitz back!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Mobile version is great.

Also lots of new functions.




In my head, we are all elite.


This day was painful.


Thanks Mods for sorting this out.


All good, I got it :)


This reminds me of the time of year when I wash my bedsheets....


I see the colours are slowly coming back. Looking good.  Is it possible to change the time? Its a bit confusing.


The board is set to GMT. Change your timezone in:


'My Settings' -> 'Profile Settings' -> 'Timezone' (select in the drop-down box).


I'm back baby!


Well thanks very much. I actually put in a full days work because this site was down...sheesh!




My experience of #blitzdown was wierd, you see I went on a rant at just before 1am. Essentialy I was just really ■■■■■■ at the realisation that the whole asada thing seemingly not being close to a conclusion. Anyway I think I must’ve seemed borderline psycotic at best. Anyway Ramshackle, in his slightly odd way, tried to calm me down with a YouTube clip of some Japanese flute music, anyway, the clip wasn’t accessible so I ranted even more until I started laughing maniacly. This chain of posts resulted in mirth from Wim and disapproval from my wife, who’d been woken by my laughter.

Tired by this series of events I fell asleep, almost forgetting that Asada existed or that the events of this season had even occurred.

When I awoke I felt slightly sheepish and reached for the iPhone, thinking there’d be some ridicule of my ramblings, of course, Blitz was no more! My first thought was “ahh, soo, after 6 yrs on blitz, this is what it’s like to be banned.” Though I did wonder why the feared ban hammer wouldn’t come with some sort of notification.

Anyway I accepted my punishment and wondered how long my blitzcation might be until, starved of efc/asada updates, I turned to twitter and discovered #blitz down! The truth was out, I wasn’t a criminal afterall! Perhaps it’s an omen!

Thanks to rolo et al for getting us going again, and for the help with password recovery!

Lastly, I may have gone to the edge of insanity/oblivion in the wee hours, as may have blitz& efc as well I’m back and so is blitz, can’t help feeling we’ve all got a small part to play in helping to drag this footy club back from the edge.

Show your support, whatever way you can!

Go Dons!


I managed to avoid temptation and stayed away from starting a twitter, Facebook, big footy account.

It wasn’t easy and it was actually hard to track the new site down.

Blitz is all I need. A big thanks to the powers that be for getting things running again.

Looks very different, but it’s all in the name of progress.


Cheers Riolio... glad to have BB back on track!


Recently my phone company blocked the blitz website but I managed to persuade them it was not dangerous or naughty and got it unblocked. Luckily I went online before calling them again about it today. At first I thought Malaysia might have banned the site but thanks to Twitter, which I’ve not used before, I was able to learn it was down, then up and how to gain access to my account.

Thanks for all your hard work mods!


on the day that all sins are washed away I happen to be drinking two bottles of red for the price of one.  That said, I hope Tayte Pears has a blinder v the McChickens from the west and cements a spot for the rest of the year.  Seems a good hard type with dare and talent but like so many of ours, low on confidence.  Plenty of reasons why, but now"s the time to say fark that and remember how I took new scalps every week when I was an up and comer.  




Meetings continuing long into the night.


Wow it's back! I've been trying the old link for hours.


Thanks for your work Rolo


A tip for anyone lurking around trying to get their password updated. If you signed up using an Hotmail email address that's long since been usurped, try signing up to Hotmail again and request that same email address. 


Finally back. The new site looks fresh and modern. I like it.