It will be a pity if all the history has vanished into cyber heaven, especially the classic post thread, c'est la vie huh?


And someone needs to create all the player threads…


Thanks for fixing it


Morning all!!


I have to say that having no blitz for a day made work boring as all hell.


WTF the happened - I thought we were put off the air due to some controversial commentary or conduct unbecoming putting the whole football world into disrepute !


No Bomberblitz, No Happy

Thanks for getting us back online Riolio


Thanks guys for getting BB back. Have been missing the only intelligent source of comment about our great club.


Lots of people needing new avatars.... How about using StandByHird?




Had a tonne of fights with ignoramouses on twitter yesterday, it's good to be back here.


Phew! I felt a bit lost while BB was down - it’s so difficult to follow the latest in the ASADA debacle without BB. Welcome back!


Really liking the new forums so far. The only thing I don't like are some of the aesthetics, but I feel as if that'll be fixed in time.


There are only two chicks in HCT...get busy people!


Good to be back.


Lost my original avatar, but this one will do.


Thanks for getting this back up Riolio.


There are only two chicks in HCT...get busy people!

Just added 2 more.


Finally back. The new site looks fresh and modern. I like it.

I hate change :P


the mobile version looks good. well the fact it even has a mobile version i mean. all of the IPB forums look the same on mobile.


Thanks Riolio and co. for getting this place back up and running again.


wow, this skin is ■■■■■■■ awesome.  Well done.  So so so so so much better


Thanks for bringing it back Rolo + others. Friday was....something.