What amuses you


Especially since vehicles exiting the side street don’t have to give way!


As a pedestrian, I’d rather cede right of way and stay alive.
But perhaps that’s just me.


Mount footpaths?


Bout the only thing I do mount these days


Gutter talk


And drivers always have to give way to pedestrians.

I know it’s just a pesky law.

They have already made a lot of laws to stop those pesky pedestrians.

All drivers and people who don’t know how pesky pedestrians came about should listen to this:


Put $2 on the early quaddie at…buggered if I can remember where…yesterday.
Four legs, five selections. 100%.
Of course I’m kicking myself now for not putting a tenner on it, but still.
I have most of it left…


So this is just the underrated/things you like thread now, yeah?

Peanut brittle.


They have other privileged twats on ferries, boats, yachts, tug boats, helicopters, drones, kyacks watching and chasing them out of the harbour.
Then, them and the kids would attend the Aus Open next week, not for the tennis, but to see their kids as ball kids.


Senior executives who don’t know what they’re talking about, but do so with such emphasis! Had a town hall today and one of the speakers validated what’s wrong with the diversity agenda working its way through corporates at the moment. A topic of convo afterwards at the pub was that quotas don’t work… It actually negatively impacts on the women who can do their role. Had other assets though which meant that there were permanent smiles on a few peoples faces… Nearly lost my ■■■■ when a colleague messaged me with ‘got milk?’… lol.


Yes, talking about female colleagues’ ■■■■ certainly proves that you’re not just an old sexist git.


Now now, they kept an audience engaged. There wasn’t much you could say around her intellectual assets unfortunately. If passing comment on her physical assets makes me a misogynyst or sexist git then so be it. Bruce, and Gerard just happen to love the cut of a rippling man’s body… Is there a problem with that?


I feel stupider for having read that.


It amuses me that everyone thinks the dinosaurs died out, yet this thread has just proved that the tiny-brained little tackers actually survived.

■■■■■ sakes.


I’m anti-feminist and even I think that post is pathetic.


It amuses me that you are anti-feminist.

Does that make you a misogynist ?

What is an anti-feminist ?


I meant this modern day form of militant feminism where all of us are apparently victims. Certainly not referring to once upon a time.


I am not old enough to be of the Pankhurst era (Noonan is !!), but back in the late 60’s and early 70’s feminists were militant and were very productive in getting progress and change. Sometimes it takes extreme action to get things changed and to get the message through to the thick heads of many men.

Not sure who you see as militant feminists today, but I admire Clementine Ford, Van Badham and others who put themselves on th eline to get action. I do not always agree with them, but if we are going to move our Society forward then I am right behind them.

You may not consider yourself a victim in any way, but I bet you know women who are.


This amuses me.


This could equally go into the ‘annoys’ thread.
A review comment/Amazon, re silicon baking mat:

Does your description really suggest this is for housewifes?!? I’ll buy from someone else, thank you.

Don’t be a snowflake. PCness is ruining this country and you are contributing. That being said, the writing sounds like English is a second language and I’m not interested in buying some piece of crap made in China.
By Carrie on November 27, 2018