What amuses you




The Sydney to Hobart yacht race amuses me.

Privileged twats go sailing for a few days and they think we want to watch them.


That’s on Hertz - appeal it. (Not the fine, the escalation). It originally gets sent to the registered owner (Hertz), they should have worked out who it was (you), and had it re-issued to you, which should ‘reset’ the time to pay.

I’ve found Hertz work on ‘island time’ - I had my credit card charged 7 months after a car hire. I started to query it, because I’d assumed they’d charged it way before that and completely forgotten about it.
So I’m not shocked.


Unless they sink.
Which is also amusing


Plan B is “sorry Honey, can’t get out of it. Will just have to head up there and sort it out. Better make it a week, never know with these courts”


Pegged you for a yachtsman too - guess I was wrong about that.


That’s not very nice.


Ok. Granted.


Yachting is basically one big cover story for excessive drinking and hom0er0tic escapes from the wife.


Sailing is great fun, especially on a little Hobie Cat.


So where’s my invite?


No doubt by why do they think we would want to watch?


Just find yourself a salty dog who likes the cut of your genoa.


People are strange.


Four of you sharing the driving, so no definitive proof that it was you speeding. Deny that it was you. They have to prove it was, not the other way around.



When you are turning right and a pedestraian (traveling the same direction as you) crosses the road without looking, I still turn and go right up to them, the look on their face. Next time take off the head phones and look first


You of course obey the law and give way to any person when turning into a side street, right?


My expectation when I’m walking is people don’t do what I do when I’m driving


I do give way, in the end.
But you should always look left and right. And I do when I am walking