What amuses you

“Because I do these kind of things” :open_mouth:

Oh, you mean the Googling kind of things. Carry on.


When I bought my Christmas tree, the vendor asked if I was going to put it up myself.


And of course you said ‘no, I’ll have friend do it for me’


it’s still early on in the “ai robots will kill us all” narrative, so stories like this are very funny


The AI has now just learnt this :roll_eyes:

They don’t even know which squares have traffic lights in them.

Oh they know. They just pretend that they don’t….

I saw a UK comedian’s take on this the other day.
"Imagine if you went back to the 1980s and told people you were from the future.
"“Cool! What do you do in the future?”
“We have to prove that we are not robots”
““They have robots in the future? WOW! But how do you prove you are not a robot? Do you have to cut yourself and show you bleed?”
“No, we have to identify traffic lights””


This is a generation who will never understand the joys of hours spent going over a record cover, given the people making the comments look young.


Comfortably Dumb.


There is no hope for humanity with these mouth breathers among us. Christ.

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I had my “im old” moment today as I signed up for over 35’s soccer.

Wait until you’re doing walking soccer. Then you will know your old.

Hell’s Angels are cool, though.

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Corner of the bar closed off for a BHP private function.
Three people. They just left.
Soooo much food.

I asked the barmaid if they were just going to throw that away…

‘Uh…I don’t know yet…’

They totally are.

I had a few MC gangs on poker runs through the pub I worked at over the years. Only one that caused trouble and genuinely scary (rather than dumb as dogshit) was the Fourth Reich OMCG.

But a quick google tells me they were from NZ, so maybe just a couple of racists on holiday, rather than the whole entourage.

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The Rebels tried to settle in Horsham.
Mrs Wim did an interview with someone high up with them in a local park because reasons.

They moved on.
Because every pub in town refused to draw a beer for them.

The big park in Horsham is heaps nice.

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