What amuses you

tbh i think i’d be more surprised if someone from british media wasn’t a complete weirdo


He’s Old Gregg!

He drinks Midori from a shoe.

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I could make you happy Howard

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Me being Father of the Year… well for today anyway.

Mrs B got wind of Wicked (the musical) putting on a “preview show”. Essentially a trial run, the night before the official opening (to iron out any rough spots I guess).

Tickets were going for $20 limited to 2 tix per person, the catch being that you could only buy them in person from the Regent Theatre box office today.

It just so happened that I was going to be in town today for work. Caught an early train and walked up to the theatre around 7.40am.

The queue was INSANE… Like the old days of camping out the front of Myer Eastland for concert/finals tickets (you know, when we used to play in pointy-end finals and all that…), waiting for the 4th floor Bass Outlet to open at 9 am Monday. It snaked back and forth along the front steps about a dozen times, then up to Russell St and a fair way back down toward Flinders St. God knows what time people first arrived.

Gave it up as a lost cause and headed into the office. Around 11 I thought, bugger it, I’ll just pop down there and see…

Me (to box office lady): Look, this is a complete Hail Mary, and I’m pretty sure I know what the answer is, but I don’t suppose…

Box Office Lady: You might be surprised by my answer…

$40 later I have my two tickets. Not perfect seats, but hell… who cares?? Mrs B and Little Miss B are off to Wicked, and I’m a prize-winning Dad and Hubby for a day.


Well done! Wicked is my favourite musical.

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Musicals are not really my bag, but I’m sure the girls will love it…

That’s the main thing :slight_smile:

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That is true…

Although after Mrs B spent something vaguely approaching a second mortgage on the house for the two of them to see Pink, me getting bargain-basement Wicked tickets is kinda balancing the books… :grinning:


That’s wicked

Wicked is genuinely my least favourite musical.
To this day, I understand the plot of Cats better.
But the letter home is funny and No Good Deed kicks arse, and there’s colour and movement, and twenty bucks a ticket is still killing it.

ftr: West Side Story
Little Shop, god tier.
Would see any time.

Surprisingly, Heathers is really good and would go again.

Pirates, Phantom, could be tempted depending on cast/production.

Edit: ohhhhh forgot Hamilton…also amazing.
But seen a Lot.

Edit: edit: edit: ooooomg forgot Rent…

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Cats was weird AF.


I’m the same, but MRS THT took me to see Book of Mormon. It was insanely funny, would recommend (unless you’re a Mormon or religious or easily offended)


Mrs B dragged me to a musical version of Lord Of The Rings when we were in Toronto in the mid 00’s. It was an even-upper for me having spent a not-insignificant sum getting scalpers’ tickets to a Maple Leafs NHL game.

Considering it was a) a musical and b) Lord Of The Rings, it was surprisingly enjoyable…



Ohhhhhh forgot Matilda…
Edit: I did not forget Les Mis.
It’s good, though.

Still, you have tickets to Melton High School doing West Side Story or Little Shop, and I’m in.

Watching Dennis a Rodman doco.

Didn’t expect Ross the Boss to feature.

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Memory is a very, very guilty pleasure song.

cats has a plot?

I have worn thongs a lot more on my feet this year after spending a lot of time in QLD, and I love clacking them against the sole of my feet, I was in the supermarket today and did a couple of jumps and clacks to some sort of rhythm, whilst shopping was good fun

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I flicked on the radio at 9 this morning and there was Gerard Whateley kicking off his superbowl broadcast.

I flick the radio back on at just past 2 and the farking thing is still going!?!?

It took 10 minutes to go from 16 seconds left to full time.

At this rate of progress, a match of test cricket would run for approximately 188 days.

And there are people that reckon test cricket is torturous?!?!?


It’s funny isn’t it. I’ll sit on the couch for three days and watch every ball, complaining knowing it ain’t going to get to five days, but then laugh how Gridiron goes as long as it does.