What Annoys You More


I presume it’s not?


Use the voice recording app on your smartphone (if you have one), Megz, the next time you meet with her & she mentions it affecting your promotional opps, etc. :wink:




You mentioned this a while. ago. Crap that it’s still going on. That’s your award so that’s your award.
Document when this has been raised, maybe also by sending an email to yourself so it has a date stamp.


Not so sure about that any more, if it is still the case, I think you need to get them to say they don’t care if it was recorded,… by saying something along the lines of “If I were recording this I could get you fired” or the like. That was many years ago though.



An employee is permitted by law to record conversations to which they are a party. It is how they use (disclose) that information which is subject to prohibitions and limitations.


Tell her that from now on, all these requests must be made in writing, or you will not be part of them.


She’s very subtle about it. I was talking to someone else who mentioned it to her and she just said she events pressure from above.

Came up again now because we were discussing my return to work (12 weeks before we’re supposed to but that one doesn’t bother me so much)


Is your boss aware of the terms set out in your award? I once had a meeting at VECCI (two decades ago) & afterwards walked through their advice hotline room. Sat in on a few calls (employers calling VECCI for advice) & was astonished at how many employers had very little understanding of the awards governing their employees.

You could subtly bring up some of the points you raised above to her (if you haven’t already). If ineffective, ask for consent to record any conversations. Requesting stuff in writing is a good idea, but most people won’t incriminate themselves when they have to carefully consider it. You would think the same would apply during verbal discussions, but people have loose tongues. Even just requesting consent to record or have everything put in writing may shake her up & result in reduced pressure on you.


My answer would always be - “yep - send me an email when you have time and I’ll look through it”.


Important to keep a paper trail… I would copy records of discussions to the HR area as well as your supervisor.


Kayo fekken sports having NO PHONE NUMBER to call and just simply speak tosomeone for 5 minutes about an account snafu, forcing you instead to email or online chat.

What if you have broken hands or arms or have severe arthritis like my poor mate?

Fk companies that do this, how much time and money does it really save when the employees have to back and forth fkn msg’s for 30 minutes to sort out something that would take 5 or 10 of clear spoken communications??


because they can have 10 or more active live chats at once?


Rarely say this, but work.

Anyone got a fast track to retirement?


Clear spoken communications…when you’re talking to offshore people with English as a third language (at best).

Good luck with that!


Standard public health ■■■■■, isn’t it?

Gave me very very much satisfaction when the middle management drones who tried to shaft Mrs P and all her colleagues out of their award contracts got their marching orders, a few months later. Suckers.

2-3 years later there’s a change of direction and they’ll throw money everywhere.

Short and long answer is call your union. They were absolutely amazing for Mrs P and co. They acted directly and clearly, and the health service ate a large serving of ■■■■ on every single point under dispute.


Win the lottery. Like bigly. Easy.


Bought a Bubble ‘o Bill and ate that. Closest thing to winning the lottery I could do at short notice. Managed to get the gum saved for the last bite too!!!


Do what I did and tell them to shove their job.

I had no future plans at the time - just an impulsive reaction to ongoing crap from above.

Now a really good opportunity has emerged elsewhere and I’ll be my own boss.

So now I can tell myself to go and get F#cked!


Literally… get hit by a tram and don’t die.