What Annoys You More


Just be sure your stupidity Insurance is fully paid and up to date.


Eating Cadbury Flake Bites at your desk.
Sitting on the crumbs in your suit pants.
Explaining to your clients that it’s chocolate.


There’s a bloke at work that regularly chews with his mouth open. There’s loud mouth smacking sounds too.



Did you get a resolution of this? What council, by the way?


Shire of Anarchy ?


Working this afternoon when there are THREE games of meaningless footy I could be watching.


Not yet mate, missed the return call, will try again tomorrow.


Heaps. Like, quite ridiculous levels of savings.

  • Only needs about 20% (or even less) of the staff you’d have in a call centre.
  • Don’t need a call centre infrastructure (phone systems, networks, rent, associated costs). Have them work from home.
  • Staff don’t need good verbal English, just written.

We’re talking like three-figures a month instead of five-or-six-figures.


The AFL, Ticketek, Ticketmaster, and some of the grounds’ creative staged releases of tickets and inability or unwillingness to support mobile tickets (e.g. Homebush).

Sooooooo painful.


Ticketek and ticketmaster can both get in the bin


Post reported.
No need to use profanity.


I’ve been banging on about this for a couple of years. ‘Best available’… until we release the other 50% of available seats. Shouldn’t be allowed.


And “best available” is a dumb concept anyway. Some people want to be at the goals, some want to be high on the wing, commentary nowadays says the only valid position to understand the game is high behind the goals.


Plane ticket says one departure time. Airline app and Flightradar24 agree on another (I can’t find any notice of change since I booked it). Board at airport has a third time, in between.

Looks like I got up way too early for nothing. And may be arriving waaaaaay later if I miss my connection.


Wife and son had two flights cancelled by Jetstar a few months back. They sent her an email apologising and said they would re-imburse their entertainment fee and send them a $100 credit voucher. Neither thing happened, so l called up and asked. They re-imbursed the entertainment fee and said the voucher would be sent in 10 days. It never came. Called back and said where is it. They said had no recird of my request and woukd get back to me. Got back to me and said they have no record of offering a voucher, prove we did. I said just look at the email you sent us, surely you have a record of what you send people. No, u have to show us they said. Send us a copy. So l sent it three times, each time, theres an issue.
I’m not so worried about the voucher just the principle of offering something they obviously never intended to actually give. They must just think they can offer ut then forget about it and no one will have the energy to dispute them.
Never experienced any customer service so bizzare. I could understand if they were disputing a verbal offer, but this is an offer they sent us by email.


I daresay some low level person has offered something they weren’t authorised for.

I’d start asking for managers/supervisors.
Just tell them you’ll keep ringing and wasting their time until they cough up what they promised.
You’ve probably already cost them more than $100.


I have a general rule - don’t fly Jetstar, don’t fly Garuda and don’t fly Aeroflot.
It’s a simple thing but from the stories here (and from various friends and acquaintances) it seems it’s saved me a whole lot of heartburn (especially the JS bit…)


You’d go Tiger over Jetstar?

I’ve had no real issues with Jetstar. It’s Qantas with a few fewer customer service staff. Had one guy really give us super customer service last holiday after one of our bags got lost/delayed.


Never flown them, so don’t know. Wouldn’t through choice if I could avoid it.


Ehh, I think domestically in Australia we are kind of spoilt due to the extremely strict regulations on airlines.

I mean, I would comfortably step on any Australian domestic airliner, and know that the aircraft has been well maintained and the pilots are extremely well trained. I don’t think that assurance exists everywhere else.