What Annoys You More


I’ll disagree with th OP on leaf blowers - in certain circumstances. I used to think leaf blowers were useless. I have a long driveway (lamb chop block) which runs under gum trees. This gets covered in flat gum leaves on rough bitumen. A hazard if left and gets wet (walking or biking). You ever tried to sweep 40 odd m of that- it’s like trying to remove pet hair from a mohair rug using a paint brush. Yes I use a proper yard broom. The leaf blower lets me round the leaves up into piles which can be picked up and wheelbarrowed to the chook pen, where over time they break down. Every time I do it I save probably 4 hours of time. If you think that’s outrageous I’ll lend you a broom and you can see how long you take!
Plus they are great for clearing gutters. A dollar of petrol for four hours is a bargain to me.


Flying Tiger is always exciting.
Will my flight be cancelled?
If it is will they give me a refund?
Will I be able to find another flight in the next couple of hours?
When I get to the airport, will Tiger acknowledge that I even exist?

It’s like high-stakes gambling, but with your plans.


Send your experience story to “The Checkout” @ your ABC. Maybe even make an FU Tube vid?

Also, see what happens when you tell Jetstar u intend to. They’ve been taken down on there before and did not like it,and sorted the complaint before it aired.


Checkout doesn’t exist anymore due to ABC funding cuts…

But, the consumer commission is probably where I’d be telling Jetstar this is heading if they don’t resolve the issue. I’ve used that before and it seems to speed up the conflict resolution exponentially.


Fk No! TC was one of the 2 most important shows Aunty produced for mine.

“Funding Cuts”,… sure. :roll_eyes:

Let’s see what Ita does about that. We’ll soon know where her Independence and/or loyalties lie.


Most people who buy tickets on Tiger have never flown them.

They’re genuinely poxy.


Pretty sure all maintenance is all done in SE Asia now


Ryan Air?


Never had the pleasure. Sounds like a good thing that’s the case…


I think for most of the international fleet that is true, but I think a lot of the domestic fleet maintenance still occurs in Australia.

Although, I’m not certain, and would be happy for someone to correct me if I’m wrong.


I think I am more annoyed than amused, but today at 7:30 am, the Police arrived at my front door to tell me that my office/factory had been broken into.

So I didn’t rush around in my dressing gown, but showered got dressed and drove the 5 minutes to my office to find a very neat hole cut in the front wire fence. My Son’s Toyota Landcruiser has a smashed rear window and the flash radio, video player was ripped out and all the ignition wires were also ripped apart, plus assorted other damage, including missing number plates. I had dis-connected the battery last Friday so it would not start which was a blessing I guess.

Next was the fly-screen ripped off an office window with a failed attempt to force open a sliding window. The electricity meter box was open and all the fuses removed to kill the lights and alarm and camera (except for the battery back-up !!)

Then in our workshop and storage shed out the back, padlocks had been smashed off the door, but the damage to the door was so great that the door would not open !!

So nothing much was taken, except for my Sons car radio and damage and the fuses and padlocks and fence. Police were very efficient and got lots of lovely finger-prints on windows and in the car; and the video is very clear of three blokes with hoodies, and ugly sour faces, so who-ever did it will be found quickly I reckon.

So on one hand it is annoying and will cost us to get all fixed, and insurance claims will be a bother, but one the other hand it is amusing that these guys would walk in front of camera, not wear gloves and break locks so well that the jammed the doors shut.


I’d say they need to find a new occupation. They don’t seem to be very good at burglary.


Returned a braun shaver that my wife bought me for Christmas. She explained to the salesman that I have thick hair and they said, yep it will still work. Used it twice and was shot both occasions so I sent it back. 60-day money back guarantee.

Apparently it is 60 “business days”. Has anyone head this before? I’ve rang the company we purchased it from (shaver shop) and braun as well and both are trying to wash their hands with it


60 business days would be longer than 60 days, so would be in your favour?

But either way wouldn’t Xmas purchase be over 60 days by now.


60 business days to issue the refund after it has been returned, where we had a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product was returned within the 60 day period.


Hopefully they end up in a place where their doors are jammed shut every night


Those “sanitised for your safety” paper loops around the toilet seat and lid.


When you get even a tiny pimple/in grown hair inside your nostril.

Hurts, feels gigantic and makes your eyes water trying to break it.


The answer is a good Antiseptic cream, with, and here’s the trick you will thank me for forever, an Anesthetic in it. Truly a godsend for multiple things. Never travel anywhere without it.

Edit: This is the one I use. I’d pay twice as much for it.



■■■■■■■ cling wrap. Sticks to absolutely everything except the container or food item I want it to.

My version of hell* will either be an eternity of using the Coles self serve checkouts or trying to wrap things in cling wrap.

*Not that I believe in that kind of stuff.