What Annoys You More


When you wear silk boxers under your tracky dacks. Impossible to hold up as soon as you put your wallet or keys in your pocket



Ring consumer affairs.


Blokes still wear Silk Boxers??


There’s definitely an art to using the stuff that would take some a lifetime to learn.

And a hell of a lot comes down to the box design and the quality of it’s manufacture.

Suggest you try the ALDI Mega long/value one. Others could learn much from German design.


Just bought a desk on eBay.
Because it was a good deal.
I don’t need yet another farkin desk.


Raise the price and put it on Gumtree.


Never picked you for the hoarder type either.


I’m not, really. Just…a little impulsive.


Are you a desk expert? I’ve just been offered a Dickens Desk for nicks. What’s it worth?


When you see a bargain, you just have to have it. I’m like this too and it can become expensive. I’ve had to steer this compulsion towards cheaper items - but it’s only after you bought it, you think why the fark did I buy this because I sure as hell didn’t need it.


“Hi, come in, take a seat at this desk here…

“Sorry to keep you waiting, follow me.

“Ok, take a seat. So…”

“Um, can I interrupt? Sorry, but you’ve just moved me from one desk to another identical desk in the same room.”

“No I haven’t.”

“Yes you have. Actually, you have five desks in this room but no one working at them.”

“Get out. This job interview is over.”


Yes, I am.
Ah… I’ll give you $37 for it.


Check this out… was it worth it?



I don’t think so.


Now I’m crushed.


I am sure you’ll survive.


I’m like a Hydra.


An invertebrate?


I have been called worse, I suppose.