What Annoys You More


I think you might be becoming sensible.

You should feel fortunate, it doesn’t happen for everyone, …


Gym shirts that retain sweat smell.

Seriously not a problem with cotton, only synthetics


Yeah cheap synthetic gym/sports gear is almost always crap.

I go cheap cotton, or decent brand (Adidas or Nike) synthetic


It’s an expensive Nike get up. Got a similar adidas one which is actually pretty decent.


Yep. Preach, brother. May they all burn slowly in hell.


Humblebrag alert!


I hate how I keep splitting my gym singlets when I pump iron. One minute they’re nice and snug fitting then next… Flex! and they’re farked. If only my huge muscles where more pliant.


I don’t have that problem since I switched to elasticised singlets/tanktops.

You should give them a go.


Oh, ta mate!
I’ll show them off to you next time we’re pumping all that iron in the gym.


Phhhfftt, … yeah sure mate.

When was the last time we could even spot each other at the Gym for all the Honeys surrounding us?? :roll_eyes:


Getting a little bit tired of it, to be honest. Don’t these chick’s understand how important it is to maintain our edge?


are you two ok, would you like some alone time?


Just on BCO- was a huge fan and to this day never understood how they didn’t achieve global domination. Guess there’s a story in that somewhere…


A combination of self-sabotage, record company meddling and other things.

In the early 90’s I did a couple of weeks’ work experience at Metropolis Studios in South Melbourne. Who should be there but BCO doing some recording for their 3rd album. The songs (which I now have copies of) were fantastic and would have almost certainly taken them to INXS-type levels. They had Jimmy Iovine (very powerful US mover & shaker) ready to produce.
What did they then do? Took themselves off to LA, dumped all those songs, lost a key member (Richard Pleasance), wrote a bunch of vastly inferior songs (which appeased the record company) and released a really ordinary, overproduced US-orientated third album which didn’t sell. Momentum killed right there… The subsequent albums were their equivalent of a U2/Achtung Baby or Radiohead/Kid A style reinvention which alienated existing fans and didn’t win new ones, and that was pretty much that unfortunately…

Not the first (nor last) band to suffer that fate…


Are they on YouTube? My interest is piqued.


Not on Youtube, but they’re now mostly up on their Soundcloud page (https://soundcloud.com/boomcrashopera).

Look for the songs Dreaming Up A Fire (91 version), Change, Cheated Out Of Heaven, Isn’t It Love, Change, Down To The River, Skies Were Blue. There’s a handful of others which they’ve never released in any form…

If you’re familiar with their ordinary 3rd album, do a compare and contrast - it’s a no-contest…


Cool, thanks.


Even the version of Holy Water (never a great song in any form…) they did in these demo sessions crapped all over the finally released version…


Saw a guy jogging recently sporting an old style Golds’s Gym singlet with the extreme shoulder cut outs. You know the type that are a bit like a g-string for your back?

I don’t know who that guy was but I like him.


Delayed flights. Hurry the fark up.