What Annoys You More


It may have been @tinhillterror or @Henry_s_Angry_Pills


So where ya going in such a hurry?


Home. Melbourne to Canberra.

That being said, had a few meetings in offices that had sweeping views and it pulled on the heart strings. Love Melbourne.


You originally from here HG?


Couldn’t have been me, I don’t wear a top to the gym after the BO tainted it


Yep. Port Melbourne girl.


Dylan Sheil annoys the fark out of me.





He’ll be ok


Get your coat


This place ATM.

So many unbearable sooks. More so than usual after s big loss.


I completely avoid the football threads for the whole week for precisely that reason. Any psychiatrist specialising in bipolar illness could buy a Maserati every week if he signed up a few of them.

Having said that, Sunday’s performance was intolerable.


So what type of car does your Shrink drive ?


No idea but they’re good to have around if you blow a gasket!


When you can’t watch Offsiders because you know who is on. Fk!


Disappointed with Hamish show AFL Game Day.
In: Gilbert
Out: Nat Edwards, Some Blonde Medico chic that knows SFA.
IMO needs more Heppell.




Why don’t you threaten them with the cannon?


I really wish i had a cannon. I have cause to use it. Often.


Training new employees.