What Annoys You More


Figured out that I am NOT an American Ninja Warrior., has a crack at one of those courses and farmed my calf up.


Well yeah, how could you be?

There’s no such thing as an “American” Ninja! :roll_eyes:


Yeah well, this begs to differ:


Michael Dudikoff!


Arthur Roberts was also a bad ■■■■ American ninja in ‘Revenge of the Ninja’ (until he met Sho Kosugi of course). :wink:


The small sense of victory as you just finish fighting to dress your 18 month old - and then the whiff of poo.


I had that poster up on my wall, aged 11-12.
Much too young to have seen the movie.
I just thought the poster was cool.


Very cool.

I also saw it when I was in primary school. Will never forget the hot tub scene when the crude copper said something about prying the dead couple apart with a jackhammer.

Think I had an Enter the Ninja poster, but really wanted the Revenge of the Ninja one.


…when ur mrs (partner) thinks 90s R&B is the best music that ever was, and ever will be. There is no end to the alternatives (suggested), but no… I mean, I’ll do what must be done, but I’d really prefer not to have to hear Backstreet Boys et al whilst doing it…


Once she drops the needle on Boyz II Men, it’s time to retreat to the man cave, mate. :laughing:


Well, it pains me to let you know…

Man caves are indeed a wonderful thing!


l’ll tell ya what annoys me.
What ‘rhythm & blues’ has come to mean.


Or even had come to mean by the '90s. That post surprised me with that description.


backstreet boys is straight pop.


That 90s stuff aint what I’d call R&B either, BTW


Leigh Matthews is a flog!
That Collingwood loving ■■■■■■■ muthafucker!
I hope we really serve it up to those ■■■■■■■■ on Anzac Day. Put those ■■■■■■■ in their place like what we did with North and Lions and then some! Smug ■■■■■!


…and when that smug ■■■■ says things like
It was a great game. Oh Bombers came out of the blocks early, but Collingwood reeled them in and the Pies prevailed.
The look on that ■■■■■ face when we demolish those clowns by 60 points will be priceless!



Similar to this Turd!


The Sanga went earlier on Sunday. I’m guessing that he/she put in an all nighter. Fair rant. Dang! Trust you pulled up OK, buddy. :joy:


When your kid’s footy team says there’s training on at 5PM ON FKG ANZAC DAY, and you’re also the freaking coach. FFS!