What Annoys You More


Ahm…no, man. No.



It seems the more you pay the quicker they fall apart.

The last one lasted about 2 weeks, FFS


contact Chad Morgan :grinning:


Yep, ■■■■■■ Qld. I know the team (u8s) has at least 3 Bomber fans too.


Just say no, mate.
Make a stand.


Cleaning the house for 2hrs…because the cleaner is coming.


Now I know these ads probably do a world of good and there are thousands of cases of domestic abuse which hopefully these ads help eradicate, but

Those Family First ads are ■■■■■■■ annoying. All I’m hearing are kids (who are really bad actors) demanding all the attention and not letting their parents have 5 minutes to themselves.
“Sometimes I think my mums loves her phone more than me”
“The best present is of you show me you love me for one day”


I’ve been muting radios every time they come on. Farkin ■■■■ me to tears, they do. Most annoying farkin ads for years. I find myself hoping that snotty nosed kid walks into a door.


I find them mildly annoying, but one thing - it’s not Family First (the SA based right wing Christians who merged into Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives) doing the ads, it seems to be some foundation set up by Michael Carr-Gregg. I looked it up cos I was trying to understand the driver for the ads - there’s no commercial angle that’s apparent anyway.

They are a bit cringeworthy but seem to me to be well intentioned.


the mobile phone thing is spot on. people are completely out of touch with their surroundings, including noticing their own children. been to a shopping centre lately? pay attention to how many kids are trying to talk to a parent or be excited about something or i dunno, just looking at them, only for the parent to be engrossed in an instagram story. it’s ■■■■■■ up.


Did you peep over to see what they were searching on their phone?




You gotta tidy for the cleaner so that they can actually clean


I used to have to move all the mail out from next to the computer, because she’d reorganise everything and some bills went missing.


■■■ cleaners who re-arrange your possessions. we had one who moved the position of the kettle and toaster, moved some vases around, rearranged pictures on side tables etc.


Recently some French official (maybe Macron) greeted a woman he was meeting by kissing on both cheeks…unsolicited.

Charlize Theron cracked the sads.

The French nation, men and women, told her to mind her own ■■■■■■■ business. It’s a French tradition, and they don’t intend to change it.

Cop that, Charlize.


Only two kisses? I thought the french did three?


France is 2, Netherlands and sometimes in Belgium it’s 3.

It’s said to be a habit picked up from Muslims back in the day.


Charlize Theron is farking idiot. She’s raising her three year old boy who made some comment about “wanting to be a girl” as a girl. That child should be removed from her custody.


I’m sure some cleaners do that so they can show they were actually there.