What Annoys You More


I’d be interested to know what ‘raising as a girl’ actually means to her.



Wasting my Friday night footy fix, with a game between 2 of my 5 most disliked clubs on TV.


What’s with commercial TV channels being all low budget and doing parts 1 & 2 for movies like I’m watching a Blu Ray DVD.

If I wanted that I’d ■■■■■■■ well put it on myself. And what happens if someone forgets to press play on the next part? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is this for Rogue 1? I’m watching it now and it’s just randomly got Rogue 1: Part 2 after the ad breaks.

What’s this all about?


Yeah, but it’s been happening quite a bit, I’ve also seen it for LOTR and a couple of others.


The toilet seat falling down mid stream.


The solution to that problem would prolly annoy your wife more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah that’s a bummer.
Tip: put on a pair of rubber gloves, reach around the back, loosen the nuts attaching the lid to the bowl, and shift the lid forward as much as possible. Re-tighten.


Nah it was at the gym. I ain’t touching it cause it’s funky as!


Oh, lol!
In that case, hold the seat up with your foot as you spray the cistern, fukem


That’s what the hand basin is for, no?


So, at the gym, definitely DO NOT put on a pair of rubber gloves and reach around the back to loosen the nuts.
You’ll be arrested.


It probably is from now on.


People changing their avatars.
Shame on you all. Shame.


Come over to the DJ thread… Come… come…


Why did you steal gorgo’s avatar?


Just noticed that, damn it!


What? You’re gunna change it again?


Well frigging change it back to your purge avatar!