What Annoys You More


Being the first person to arrive at work and not having access to the building. Then waiting (so far an hour) for the next person to show up and open the place up.


If that’s not a sign that you should give up and head home for the day, I don’t know what is…


Also managed to trip the alarm. That got someone down to open up the place quick smart. LOL.


Fridays are “no lunch from home day” and that means I take a different bag. My work card/keys are in the bag. Soooo, I have to do a key transfer on Thursdays. I have made it a routine so it works. The problem is that when you deviate from your routine you get caught out.


Error finding in code. Have been assigned a week to fix all the bugs. Moron* who wrote the code put in so many bugs, that the model keeps failing.

*That moron is me. Granted most of it was written while I was learning the language, but boy oh boy, did I make some silly errors!



(* You should see some of my recent SQL attempts…)


People who publicly badmouth their partner.


Having to go to a job interview and realising you haven’t written a resume for over 20 years.


You know you are getting very old when Hertz upgrades you at Frankfurt Airport to one of these

And it is so hard to get in and out that you wish it was a family sedan.


People sniffing, especially those on trains. Tends to happen in winter I know. But whilst you’re sitting there sucking back your snot for the 45 minute journey into the city I’m wondering if you know just how much I loathe you.


Should keep a pack of Tissues with you and offer them around.

Gets the msg across in the politest and helpful way possible, & racks up some good Karma points. :+1:




Suggest you take your helicopter/limousine into work next time so you don’t catch germs from any of the plebs in future.


Good on you champ. No helipads in Frankston.


■■■■■■■ umpires


Fox Footy …
Brad Johnsons big, square, yellow teeth.
Just his head in general really.


In some countries blowing your nose in public is rude so they sniff instead


Better off with the bushman’s hankie…particularly in public transport.


There was an old man from Darjeeling
Who boarded a bus bound for Ealing.
He read on the door,
‘Please Don’t Spit On the Floor’.
So he stood up and spat on the ceiling.


Darebin Council.

Pretty much rolling ahead with parking restrictions in every street so out of town sees don’t hog all the spots near the train line.

But residents are the ones that have to buy the permits, every year, and no doubt we pay to have a sign up outside just about every house in the fricken suburb.