What Annoys You More


Nod over-commiters.
From now on if you ask how I’m going in response to a nod and a smile, I’m going to stop you and ask about your family.



Almost 2 year old and almost 4 year old and I’m almost done.

Just walked into sun room to find them painting the windows with it.


Think you’ll be renaming that room. Hopefully it was at someone else’s house…



If people feel inclined to talk back, a G’day is acceptable as you don’t have to verbally respond. But people trying to force conversation when you don’t want it is WAYYY up the list of things that annoy me.


Easy. Just say"sorry but I’m a grumpy anti-social pr*ck and I need to get back to my phone to carry on meaningless arguments with people I never see in person. So go away."

I’m pretty sure they won’t trouble you again.


But they do tho.




Did you leave McQueen’s film, ‘Hunger’ in your DVD player, Mackster?


Haven’t seen it - now not sure if I want to !


Anti-euthanasia activists picketing outside the front of my work building.

You don’t have to agree with it, heck you don’t have to partake in it, but to try deny it to those who need it shows you really do lack any empathy.


According to the ABC Vote Compass, it showed overwhelming support for euthanasia.
87% agreed it should be allowed, 7% disagreed and 6% were neutral.

This was across all political, gender and religious lines.


Call bioclean.


I’m trying to do a take home exam and the kids have decided to put together a drums and recorder concert :roll_eyes:


Do you have a shed/garage ? Tell them all the great bands start off rehearsing in the shed/garage. :slightly_smiling_face:


We do. They are insistent that i need to hear all practice sessions.


I guess if you say, it’s better to be heard from a distance wont work then.:slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck getting your exam done.


Could be worse, could be a puppet show


‘Black as the ace of spades.’

It’s almost entirely white.
In fact, it’s one of the four whitest cards in the pack.


Farking tradies that not only don’t turn up when they promise to, but can’t even be farked ringing you to let you know they’ve been held up or can’t make it.

Fark you all to hell and back. May your fancy utes blow up and all your tools get stolen.


I can tell you for a fact, neither I, nor my 2 Tradie brothers, have done. or would ever do that.

Also, none of us drive Utes, but a couple of us may well have fcked ourselves to hell & back, … It’s hard to say.

How far is that anyway? :thinking: