What Annoys You More


Overnight stiffies. Makes weeing a greater challenge than it should be.


People who cross the road about 20 meters shy of a pedestrian crossing. It’s like they are inviting me to run them over.

Especially old men riding those scooters who shoot straight out in front of oncoming traffic without even looking.


I guess at that point they’re thinking “What the hell, . live dangerously”

I mean , why not? Right?


Do you just work local areas, BSD?


Sit on the toilet @wimmera1 in this case?



Do a handstand.


Lol. Wimm doesn’t sit down to wee.


Electric scooters? I love those things.


Mainly mate,. . depends on who it might be for ( :wink: ) and the job.

I am actually in the market right now for a decked out van or camper, so I can be more mobile work wise, and can trek anywhere with tool trailer attached, if anyone here knows of any going??

Thinking of another working trip up the East Coast.


Flying down to Melbourne to see the Bombers play and not getting to see Daniher, Stringer, Fantasia, Smith or Shiel play and being teased with the possibility of a Mosquito debut only to be denied.


Let’s hope that this club does not have something even more disappointing in store for you this weekend!


Just had the worst fett carb from the local pizza shop.
Drowning in oil, ‘sauce’ split and curdled, shredded ham in it.
Coudn’t come close to finishing it, shouldn’t have started.
Never, ever again.

From now on it’s Italians only for me.
New life rule.


Sucks eh?

What a horrid injury list it is.


Cracking some pepper for my meal and the lid falls off the container, thus nearly all the contents fell into my dish. Mother farker!


FWIW, I would have eaten it especially if I had paid for it. Will you be leaving a review on the Internet?


Not me.
Mrs Wim might.
The pizza didn’t have any tomato base, so…


Not the worst thing that has happened. HTFU. :slight_smile:


I feel your angst :angry:


I’ve done that with the salt!!! Eww :face_vomiting:


Catching up with Darli and Reboot makes it all worthwhile :grinning::grinning: