What annoys you?


Bush rats living in your engine bay, eating holes in the windscreen spray res bottle and eating through the wiring. They had made a nest in the bonnet lining, FFS!


The ignition in your car falling apart at the start of a long weekend. RACV towed back to the house. Asked him how much he thought it would cost to replace. Answer was could be either really simple to reassemble or the entire steering column, key and lock may need to replaced. Well over $1k new.

Just hoping it can be a simple, quick fix and I don't have to fark around getting to and from work and depend on others to ferry daughter around for too long.


I love reading these posts. But remind me to never ever go to whatever area you live in. Haven't even heard of half of these rodents/predators


States other than my own having a Public Holiday.


Having a run of virtual pain free days, .. then putting the back out again, and plummeting into full blown pretzeldom, .. while your FKING ASLEEP!!

Christ almighty, .. HOW does that even happen?? I don't fkn believe it.


Happens to me all the time. Go to bed healthy. Wake up injured. I blame alien abduction - I'm sure the buggers are using me as a guinea pig.


Getting half way through a tough week of work having to be pleasant happy and funny with everybody while suffering through an ear infection...and then to be suddenly hit with a farkin dose of food poisoning fark someone hates me....and having to carry on working



Maybe I crashed & burned whilst Astral travelling?


Seriously, I've woken up with some seriously un-explainable marks on me. Really weird stuff. I have no idea or explanation, but admit it does freak me out sometimes when I look in the mirror in the morning and go "What The ......" I'm sure there is a logical explanation, but buggered if I can figure it out.


Sounds odd, .. maybe you're sleep walking.

Don't take stilnox or the like do you?


Nah. Did a few times, but stopped that pronto. Did sleepwalk once when young, so that's a possibility. I reckon it's stigmata :wink:


Traffic jams heading into Melbourne at the end of a long weekend.


How do you finding the probing?


Losing to the Hawks.


Kind of used to it after the AFL's treatment of us of late.


Hello 2015 was not that far away, and I recall Hooker kicking the winning goal.


Had to drive east into Warrnambool at 8 this morning. Driving conditions were terrible, with a substantial fog and the low sun in the east.

I no longer drive home after about 4 o'clock. Driving into the setting sun is awful, and the way the road (A1) twists, it's hard to avoid.

On the bright side, I had breakfast down near the breakwater and the 3 people at the next table started talking about how well Hooker and Bellchambers went on Friday. Turns out that they organise the bus trips from Warrnambool for Essendon home games.


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but people who try and enter lifts, or public transport (trams, trains, etc) before letting people get off. It's just the height of rudeness...


Cook Road in Mitcham. People seem to think that the road can only fit 2 cars, when it is big enough to fit 3 cards (one side of the road has 2 hour parking, whilst the other side is No Standing). Frustrating driving down that road and some a**hole is too precious to drive closer to the empty side of the road.


A number of times, but it bears repeating.