What annoys you?



      When is someone going to make them easy to open ,because alot of the time you have a cut or injury  on your hands or fingers and have to  struggle with ripping the two paper sides and the string inside. The packs should come with a pair of scissors or i should just harden the hell up !!!!!


Should be easier to open.


Particularly when you’ve just had a mandolin accident and blood is pouring out of your thumb or finger.


Oh, like it’s their fault you Fd up?


If people didn’t f*** up, there’d be no need for their product. All the mums and dads who’ve invested their savings in the shares would be broke and eating cat food, huddled under Saturday’s Age and their executives wouldn’t be able to afford helipads on their luxury yachts.

Butterfly effect!


2 minute noodles are so much cheaper than cat food.


Too true. Keep hurting yourselves folks, and buy more bandaids. Also, sleeping under the Saturday age probably ain’t quite what it used to be.


The wrapper disintegrating and staying on the band aid so it looks janky as ■■■■


Worse still if you have kids and cut yourself, it’s usually a choice of Dora the explorer, the wiggles, or I did have a Chewbacca one the other week, looked like I had poo on my arm.


Speaking as large headed person, I scoff at hats suggesting they are “one size fits all”


I get annoyed when someone farts on the train.


I thought I had a big pumpkin, but I have two nephews who make me a pinhead by comparison. My poor sisters.


Compliment - “That was a nice goal, Walla.” “Why thank you very much, sir.”

Complement - Chook and JoeDan complement each other, because one is a gorilla in the square, and the other is athletic and mobile.


Post mix soft drink is utterley disgusting and orange juice that is bit free is just pointless.


So that’s why the train smells like farts.


Your pedestrian underpasses smell like concentrated p*ss.


How many ■■■■■■■ articles can the HS publish on the ■■■■■■■ Footy Show, ffs?

Give it a friggen rest.


Blitz trolling me.
Surely these ads can be blocked


They can be.

But I can’t tell you how…


Not with an iPhone if you don’t want a trash browser